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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Cozy Sherpa Reversible Jacket & Triumph Luxe Shine Hoodie

Happy Friday everyone! Now that it is freezing here in Atlanta, I'm naturally gravitating towards anything soft and cozy. I've been wearing my Tugga Sherpa Jacket a lot and loving how warm it is. I haven't worn my down jackets yet. I want to see if the sherpa turns out to be the warmer of the two.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically size PXS/XXS in Athleta tops. In Lululemon I wear a size 4 in tops.

I actually really like this sherpa jacket as well. It's very comfortable and warm. The cut is wide and boxy but it still looked flattering on my short torso. And by flattering I mean in a cute teddy bear way. 

The sleeves are long and poofy, but it naturally comes with the sherpa territory. The one thing I didn't like is the wide black zipper. I think it takes away from the look and is the main reason why I didn't purchase this one. The maple red color might mask it better than spring night.

The hood is oversized but I like that for this type of jacket. This piece is also reversible, but I'm only interested in the sherpa side. The reverse side is sweat shirt material but accentuates the boxy cut, whereas the sherpa side hides it better.

Overall it is a cute jacket and was very close to being perfect. Next up we have the Triumph Luxe Shine Hoodie. I was curious to see how it stacked up against Lululemon's Plush Scuba Hoodie.

Triumph Luxe Shine Hoodie Pearl White Size XS

The first thing I noticed is the fit. It is longer than the Plush Scuba Hoodie. The faux fur lining is only on the hood and the main body. The sleeves are thin and actually feels a little scratchy. Definitely not as plush or as luxe. I was fairly disappointed with this.

The inside of the sleeves are french terry.

Triumph Luxe Shine Hoodie Dogwood Mauve Size XS

The dogwood mauve is a very pretty pink. I really love this color. If the sleeves were lined with something other than the scratchy french terry I probably would have picked this one up. 

I think the pink is very cute and flattering on me. Just wasn't as soft as I had hoped it to be. The sleeves are very long too. I would have tried the XXS just to compare the two but they didn't have it at the store. 

Verdict? Hands down Lululemon's Plush Scuba Hoodie for the win! I wish Lululemon would release it in more colors. I wouldn't mind picking up one more. That's it for me! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. I like the Cozy Sherpa Reversible jacket on you, I have both the maple and spring night colors and have worn them quite a bit. The black zipper on the spring night one isn’t my favorite either, but I take comfort over style with these types of jackets. A lot of them seem to have odd little details like this one. I wonder why? I wish I could create my own sherpa jacket!

    I’m with you on the Triumph Luxe Shine hoodie, I purchased it in the dark blue color and it promptly got returned. I didn’t like that the soft fur lining was only on the back. And the freakishly long sleeves.

    1. Hah if only we could! The other day I was imagining making my own custom Scuba Hoodie. That would be an awesome option.

      Why do they make sleeves so long?! I just don't get it...


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