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Upload! November 5th 2019

Overall a relatively tame upload. I really like the misty mocha color but not liking what's offered. I'm also digging cosmic shift. It's a really pretty print and would love to get something in it. What did you think of tonight's upload? Did you order anything?

(I gotta say I really love this color. Would love to see this for the Another Mile Jacket.)

(This hoodie looks really comfy. Price seems high though. I hope it makes it to WMTM!)

(I find this to be really pretty, but I also find these types of wrap hard to wear.)

(I really like this one too.)

(I like that this has a wristlet strap.)

(This is really cute, but I have absolutely no need for it.)

(This is always a good staple to have in your winter wardrobe!)


  1. Hi I have a question does anyone know how I can buy something from Australia’s website? I love their train times crop and willing to pay someone to shift them to me?

    1. Have you tried Facebook Groups? I think it is called Lulu Angel Group. Someone there might do it for you.

    2. I did add the page but I’m waiting on approval, they released the train times crop in the camo formation and are perfect for me since I’m only 5 feet lol. Have you seen them!?

    3. I haven't seen the camo but I do have a pair of Train Times Crop. I love them, they fit perfectly.

  2. I would love to see the Another Mile Jacket coming out in Misty Mocha too! Hopefully it’s more purple than brown.

    Kind of disappointed with this upload,


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