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Early Upload! November 25th 2019

Early upload! A lot of foil and manifesto items today! I'm not a fan of either one really. I was hoping to see some more colors in the Plush Scuba Hoodie, but looks like they only added black. Radiant Jacket is back in night diver. Nothing for me this week. What do you think of the foil items? 

(Would really like to know how they come up with the colors.)


  1. I love the spark define, I’ve been waiting for this upload since September 🤣

  2. The only item I’m interested in is the Radiant Jacket in Night Diver. The color is gorgeous but might fade. I have three Radiant Jackets already so can definitely do without another one.

    Not a big fan of foil or manifesto items either!

    1. Night Diver reminds me of my nocturnal teal Scuba that I wore to death. It did fade a little bit, but still worth it. Night Diver is my nocturnal teal replacement. =)

    2. My Jaded (very similar to Nocturnal Teal) Scuba also faded, and that’s why I hesitate in getting the Night Diver Radiant Jacket. I much prefer heathered colors which don’t look as bad when faded, though they might not look as vibrant!

    3. When mine fades I'll pretend it is heathered night diver. LOL.


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