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Black Friday Sales

Here's where I've been shopping the sales. I already bought gifts for my niece and nephew from Zara.  I ordered a sweater for my hubby from J.Crew. Unsure of what to get my sister this year. She kinda has me stumped. I think I might get my mom a pair of Allbirds Wool Loungers. I haven't tried those myself, but they look like something she would wear. She also hates tying her shoes. How's everyone's shopping going? Would love to know what you're buying for your loved ones this year! Gimme some ideas!

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  1. I got this short down jacket in black last year and love it! It’s extremely warm and light, and can fit into a small shopping bag! Love it much that I got the beige one at 40% off today.

    Also got Donut some treats at PetsMart LOL!

    1. Very nice! Donut should have ALL the treats his little heart desires hahahaha!

      Jacket is nice too. Wonder if I could get that for my sister.


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