Upload! October 29th 2019

October 29, 2019

Nothing too exciting in tonight's upload. There are a few items that I like, but nothing that I must have. In other news I have a few faux fur jackets coming in for review, which I'm pretty excited about. Hopefully the weather holds up for me to take some photos. So far it's looking good!

What do you think of tonight's upload? Anything for you? Someone was looking for foil tights. Are these it?

(this is one of the items I like, but don't need.)

(this hoodie is back in a very pretty red.)

(this is also back- at full price! last week it was on WMTM for $89. Looks like they removed it.)

(someone was looking for these I think?)

(I'm kind of a sucker for winter accessories that are this color!)

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  1. Hi! Yes I’ve been looking for these foil leggings and they’re finally in! I’m just going to wait and hope they release the crop version if not I’m buying these !!il I’m excited for the foil line I hope they release the foil define !!:)

    1. I would be interested to see the foil in a different color. The black looks very dark to me.

    2. I love the color black it makes me look slim, and I agree I would like to see a mauve color

    3. Now you're talkin! That's my color!

  2. Did you see some of the new Sherpa items are discounted! I bought the Sherpa ear warmer in angel wing for $24!! The black also comes up discounted. Some of the mittens too.

    1. I did see that! But unfortunately I don't really need the accessories here. If I was still in NY I would totally get them!


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