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My New Rothy's! & The Merino Collection

Happy Friday! My apologies for not having my usual Fit Review Friday up. I placed an order for the Short & Sweet Sherpa Jacket and Still Lotus Wrap Reversible. I hope to have reviews up next week. Lululemon just posted the ivory color for the Short & Sweet Sherpa Jacket. I think I still prefer antique bark the most. 

Today I have instead a review of my new Rothy's The Point in Tangerine Triple Stitch. This is my second pair of Rothy's in The Point. The tangerine triple stitch is a unique mix of orange, blue, and black which makes it look like a berry color at times. The texture of the knit always makes it feel apropos for fall. 

For those of you new to Rothy's, they are a sustainable company that makes these shoes out of plastic bottles. I think that's amazing to be honest. I wouldn't think walking on plastic would be comfortable, but surprisingly these are very walkable. I wear them to the office a few times a week. They are great office shoes. They definitely make my outfits look sharp and put together. It's all about the point.

I love the stripes at the back of the shoe. It's whimsical and unexpected.

These are machine washable!

After a few wears, these will mold to your feet. They do not slip off my heels at all. I highly recommend them and most reviews say these run half a size small. I'm wearing a size 5. I have very small and boney feet. If you're new to Rothy's, you can receive $20 off your first purchase with my referral link

This week Rothy's also dropped their new Merino Collection! I'm dying to try a pair, but the price is steep. I don't know if I can justify spending that much money for them. But to be fair, they look super luxe and soft. I am loving the Blossom and Aubergine colors.

In other news, today is National Handbag Day. I'm carrying my Made To Order Coach Rogue bag. I actually found this one on eBay and couldn't pass it up. What bag is your favorite? I have too many to decide on just one. I really love them all! That's it for me. Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I live close to the University of Illinois and those shoe colors are a perfect match for school colors.
    Since I live in a college town, Lululemon recently opened up a pop up store in the local mall - went for a visit last week and tried on the Still Lotus Wrap and it is very nice (but I left it in the store - couldn't justify the price). Thanks for the fit review!

    1. I have a feeling unless I really love the Still Lotus Wrap, and can't live without it- I will probably end up returning because it is very expensive. At the same time the sherpa jacket is also the same price. Maybe I'll just keep one of the two.


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