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Fit Review Friday! Athleta F&F Sale & Lululemon Store Pics

Happy Friday everyone! There are so many sales happening right now I can't who to give my money to after shopping at Athleta's friends & family that is happening right now and ends on the 16th. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. For Athleta this translates to XS/XXS or PXS depending on fit.

Nirvana Wear Two Ways Wrap Dark Teal Size XS

I definitely ordered this Nirvana Wear Two Ways Wrap in teal. This is my second wrap in this style and I love wearing it to work. The fabric is sooooo soft and the length isn't too overwhelming on my petite frame. I will have to retire some of my Athleta wraps soon because they DO tend to pill. I suppose it can't be helped since the fabric is so soft. For those of you who have wraps that are "beyond soft", how long do they last you with regular wear?

Next up we have the Harmony Wrap. I can't remember the last time I tried on a piece of clothing that instantly made me happy. So yes, I ordered this wrap in charcoal heather and dark teal! The teal looks so gorgeous in the modeling photo I think I might love it more than the charcoal heather, but we'll see.

Harmony Wrap Charcoal Heather Size XXS

This wrap is also very soft and drapes nicely. I would say it runs slightly large so I opted for the XXS. The length is long but I love the look of it even on my petite frame. There is a side slit for movement. 

There's even a hood! This is definitely a very fun piece to wear. It's a great piece to lounge in and I can't wait to get it in the mail. I'll let you all know how the teal is in person. 

Last but not least we have the West End Oversized Cardigan. This is also very cute, but I wasn't completely in love with it like the Harmony Wrap.

West End Oversized Cardigan Grey Heather Size XXS

 This cardigan definitely is oversized. It looks really cute on the model, but being petite it looks a little bit too baggy for my tastes. I think it would look better on someone taller. It definitely accentuates the hips. It is soft and very cozy though.

I also ordered the Uptempo Hoodie to try. I saw it at the store in the navy on my way out. It felt really soft so I added it to my purchase. Hopefully the XS fits since they are sold out of the XXS. That's pretty much it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Oh, almost forgot- went into Lululemon and didn't see anything I really wanted to try on, but here are some quick photos of what caught my eye. 


  1. Have you ever tried a sweater shaver on your pilled sweaters? I use one on mine at least once a year and it makes them like new again!

    1. I have not, will have to look into this. Would you be able to share the brand for the one you have?

  2. I love the Harmony Wrap but sadly we don’t have Althleta in Canada. I would’ve got it in all three colors. So flattering!

    Take caution when using a sweater shaver. Make sure the sweater is laid flat in order to do shave evenly. My husband once made a hole in his sweater cos he overshaved in one area! @_@

    Thanks for the fit reviews. I always look forward to reading your reviews on Friday.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I'm so sad you don't have Athleta in Canada.

      Ohhhh good to know about the sweater shaver. =T

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! Have a great weekend too!

  3. I went to the store today and bought the harmony wrap in XXS charcoal (no teal in the store) and the uptempo top in XS (could have gone with XXS) teal. Thank you for your helpful reviews!

    1. I'm so glad my reviews are helpful! The teal is online only. I received the teal over the weekend and think I prefer the charcoal. I'm still waiting for the charcoal to arrive so I can compare the two. I'm excited for the Uptempo hoodie!


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