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WMTM Update!

I am still on my ban with nine days to go!! I'm soooo close which is why I don't have a fit review for you today. I'm trying to stay away from the stores to avoid temptation. When I took a look at today's WMTM update my eyes got wide when I saw the Calm and Collected Wrap was finally on sale! All colors except for the blue chambray. I initially thought the chambray was already sold out, but then I looked at my cart and it was still in stock at full price. I actually breathed a sigh of relief for two reasons. One, it wasn't sold out (whew) 😅 and two, thank goodness I wasn't tempted to break my ban for it if it was on sale! 😆

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(still pricey but better than $148.)

(I kinda like this!)


  1. I like that wrap a lot! It's one of those put together comfy cozy fall pieces!

    1. I don't own it but I just really like how it looks :P


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