Upload! August 6th 2019

August 6, 2019

Pretty big upload tonight! I'm on a ban this month, so nothing for me. Let me know if you bought anything! Or if you're on a ban with me. 😏 I am digging the deep blues from tonight's upload. The Night Diver and Code Blue sure are pretty!

(I wonder if this is petite friendly? I have a feeling it will have baggy ankles.)

(I actually kind of like it in this color.)

(This color is so pretty! It definitely makes me want something in this color.)

(These look so soft and cozy, makes me look forward to the fall chill!)

(I kinda like this color too. Nice and cheery.)

 (This is a pretty neutral. I like this one a lot too.)

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  1. Nothing for me but I like code blue a lot!

  2. Both Night Diver and Code Blue are beautiful.


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