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Upload! August 20th 2019

A few things from tonight's upload have caught my eye. Swiftly Speed Long Sleeve Sheer Stripe True Navy looks very pretty. I'm undecided if I like the new rustic clay color. I don't have any clothing in that shade, but I would love to have a bag or accessory in that color. Would also love to see this piece in person, Flow In Elegance Crop Code Blue. This Fringe Fighter Headband will be mine once my ban is over! 10 more days to go!

Did you order anything?

(I think this is a very pretty green!)

(I kinda like this sheer-ness going on!)

(For some reason the night diver color does not look as nice here.)

(These do not look flattering in the crotch area.)

(I would be curious to try these on, I bet they feel amazing in cupro.)

(I would love a mini backpack in this color! This one is too big for me.)

(Really like this one, haven't bought a new headband in a long time!)


  1. I'm totally getting that headband too! And I've loving absolutely everything in Marvel! Such a pretty color!

  2. The marvel colour is GORGEOUS.

  3. Nothing in this upload interests me at all. Was thinking of getting the On the Beat Belt Bag but I’ve had problems ordering from the Lululemon site for the last two weeks so maybe I don’t need the belt bag at all. :)

    I’m also loving the On My Level Bag In Graphite Purple and hope it comes in the 19L size. The 30L size is too big for my petite frame.


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