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Upload! August 13th 2019

Definitely a few items caught my eye from tonight's upload. Really digging the Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Full On Luxtreme Panorama and I definitely want to see how eye blinding Heartthrob is. What are you interested in from tonight's upload? Did you order anything?

(If I still wore long sleeves, I would like to try this one, I think boatnecks are very flattering.)

(In high school I was obsessed with henleys, I used to have a navy one that I loved and wore to death, again I no longer wear long sleeves, so this makes me wish I did!)

(This color looks insane, I'm kind of curious to see this one in person.)

(I love this print, I think I might want to try these when my ban is lifted, wish it was nulux though.)

(So pretty! Reminds me of nocturnal teal.)

(This color is perfect for fall.)

(Wish these were petite friendly.)

(They should seriously have considered releasing these for Valentine's Day.)


  1. I would love an Align Crop in the Polar Shift Inverse print!

    Do you own an Align Jogger? Wonder if they are petite-friendly at all.

    1. I tried on the Align Jogger Crop when it first came out.

      I know you're taller than me by a bit, so it may work for you. But it's a no for me.

    2. Thank you, Leslie! Just read the review and I’ll just stick with Align crops! :)

  2. The Swiftly Speed SS Aqua Smoke is absolutely gorgeous. Might have to buy that AND the Night Diver shade as well!

  3. I saw Hearthrob in store and the color has some orangey undertones to it! It's like hilighter pink mixed with a bit of hilighter orange. It didn't look super neon at least in store but definitely very bright.

    1. Wow, sounds like an attention seeker color, thanks for the info!


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