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Nordstrom Anniversary Haul Part 2

Happy Friday and it's already August! You know it might as well be Halloween, haha. It's also the first day of my ban. Which was weird because even though I didn't buy anything today, I still spent money, and a lot of it. I had to get my hair done and that cost a decent amount since I'm also getting highlights. Since I'm talking about my day, I'm going to share a story with you all. This morning was a nightmare. The fire alarm went off in the building at 6:30 am. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I am NOT a morning person. AT ALL. My husband and I ran to grab all five of our cats and into their carriers. It took about 10 minutes altogether. Which we think is too long and we should work on cutting that time down. We carried them to the parking garage and into the car because that was the only area where the alarm wasn't blaring. The cats were all super freaked out. Flash was the only one who wasn't trying to hide. The moment we set the carrier on the floor, he walked straight into it. It literally made my husband tear up. Flash is so smart. It took the fire department 30 minutes to get to us and they finally were able to turn off the alarm. I'm so glad it's Friday. If you have any tips or advice in emergencies like this with your furry babies, please share! It is just so scary for them and it breaks my heart. 

Back to Nordstrom's anniversary sale. It's coming to an end so if there is anything you're eyeing, there's only a few days left to place an order. Lately I've been into footwear. A lot. I've ordered a bunch of Allbirds this year, two pairs of Birkenstock's last month and I couldn't help but add a pair of Lucky Brand booties for my fall footwear. 

I normally wear a size 5 in shoes and these run large. I have to wear these with thick socks, otherwise my feet swim in them. Other than that, I have zero complaints, they are made of waterproof suede and super soft. I'm excited for fall to arrive so I can wear these with some skinny jeans. I do wonder just how waterproof these are. I don't think I'm willing to walk through a downpour, but I would be willing to test them out in a slight drizzle!

The heel is only 1.5 inches which adds to the comfort. These are definitely very walkable. The titanium color is also very pretty. 

I ordered two Rails button downs, but this one is going back. It's not as soft as the Plaid shirt I bought. This one doesn't seem to be as flattering either. It's slightly shapeless and feels thin as well. I'm wearing the size XS. I would say it runs a little large.

I also didn't realize this top has a split back, which I found to be a little weird looking. Why would anyone want that for a button down? 

Overall, I did end up keeping all of my other Nordstrom purchases, which surprised me. I didn't expect to love everything as much as I do. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend coming up! 



  1. I'm amazed you could round up your kitties that fast! Mine would be under the center of the bed with her claws dug into the carpet the minute she saw the carrier. Glad it was just a false alarm!

    During no-buy months, I definitely feel hair cuts and other personal things like that are excluded. While it is definitely good to save money by not shopping, I feel the bigger purpose is to stop and appreciate the things I have, to use them, to realize I don't need every new thing that comes along, and to keep my space from being overrun with possessions.

    1. Oh they tried to hide underneath the chair, but we managed! A couple of them tried to rip up the carpet too. Two of them were fairly easy, Flash being the easiest!

      Ah yes that is the main goal! It's just a little off putting when I can't even get through the first day without spending money haha. But I will be doing another closet evaluation and clean out this weekend! I think doing it every 6 months is good for me.

  2. I'm glad your kitties are okay! The booties are super cute and I love the brown color instead of a black for fall even though black is a must.


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