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Fit Review! Store Try Ons Exaltation Wrap, Hooded Define Jacket, On The Fly Crop Luxtreme

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I can't believe it will be September in 7 days and Labor Day weekend will be upon us. Summer is almost over and it makes me sad, but I am looking forward to wearing cozy wraps like the Exaltation Wrap I tried on at the store today!

This wrap is made of super soft merino wool. I don't think I would wear this out, but it would be great for lounging indoors on a chilly fall day with a cup of tea. This is one of those items I would never think to buy, but once I tried it on it is totally on my wish list. The price is steep, $128 so I will try and wait for this to go on WMTM. 

This wrap is also reversible but I prefer wearing it this way, the other way looks to be too long for a petite person. The back isn't too long and it reminds me of a cape!


Next up I tried on the Hooded Define Jacket in night diver. The color is a beautiful dark blue with a hint of teal. It is very saturated in person and these photos do not do it justice. The lighting in the fitting room makes it look flat. I'm wearing a size up - 6 and it felt very comfortable. This is probably the first solid color that I would be willing to buy in the Hooded Define Jacket

I initially tried it on with my red dust OTF crop and decided the jacket would look so much better paired with the OTF Crop in heathered black. The crops are true to size.

I rolled up the crops twice and I love how this outfit looks together. It all felt super comfy and I am very sad to have left all three items behind because of my shopping ban. My wish list is growing. 

That's it for me! I'm feeling pretty good about my ban even though I did end up purchasing some work clothes that needed replacing. Some pants and some shirts. I decided to go through with the purchase since everything was 50% off or more. Will have a post up on new work clothes soon! Have a great Monday everyone!



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