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Upload! July 2nd 2019

A much better upload today. I am digging almost everything in chambray. I think the Calm & Collected Wrap in chambray is the best item uploaded tonight. The price is definitely a turn off though. I'm still interested to try it at least! I find it interesting that it is offered in non numerical sizes. I'm not used to seeing that from Lululemon. The Scuba Hoodie Chambray also looks so inviting and soothing. Also eyeing On The Fly Crop Woven 23" in Red Dust. I did not place an order, but I added these items to my cart! Maybe I'll see if I can drop by the store over the long weekend for some more try ons. Anything for you?

(I normally don't like tie back tanks, but I'll make an exception for this one.)

(Actually really love this, but why is it so expensive! On my wish list.)

(I also really love this as well. Hopefully it will end up on WMTM.)

(Also added this to my wish list.)

(This is kind of interesting, is this like a skort?)


  1. I am interested in the Calm & Collected Wrap Chambray too! The color is so pretty but like you said, it’s way too expensive! Would love to see a fit review anyway.

    Also loving the Scuba Hoodie in Chambray but not sure if I need another hoodie ...

    1. I don't need anymore wraps or Scubas! Will see if I can get a review in of these two items anyway. =)

  2. I bought the swiftly tank in pink shell. If you see the feeling femme short would you do a fit review on that as well? Hoping it looks like a flowy skirt. Of course, I don’t need another LLL skirt- but if it looks good..... lol

    1. Will try and find the Femme Short next time I'm at the store!


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