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Fit Review! Birkenstock's Kids Mayari & Gizeh

Happy Friday everyone! Some of you probably noticed that I haven't had any photo shoots in my apartment lately. I've been trying to refrain from ordering online and to visit the stores more. I am however waiting for my Nordstrom anniversary order to arrive. This week I haven't been able to get to a store for some try ons, but I do have a quick review of these Birkenstock sandals in kids sizes. I normally fit a size 5 in shoes, a size 5.5 in sneakers. For Birkenstock kids I fit a size 34. These are really stylish sandals for kids and I'm pretty surprised at how comfortable they are. I have normal width feet and these only come in narrow, but they're meant to fit narrow/normal width.

The adult version costs $100. The price is $60 for the kid size. The difference in price is decent. The comfort level is out of this world. I feel like these are made for your feet. The mocha color is a medium dark brown that also goes nicely with the cork sole. The footbed is suede and the upper is man made acrylic, but it looks and feels like real leather. It's pretty amazing because I was fooled at first glance.

The Mayari sandals look a lot like Teva sandals, but much more polished.  These are not as comfortable as the Gizeh. They feel slightly more stiff and probably would need a little bit of break in time whereas the Gizeh they felt like clouds beneath your feet. The quality of these are just as good as the Gizeh. The price is the same as well- $60. 

I also purchased the black in the Gizeh as well just to see which one I liked more. For the price, I decided both were worth keeping. Where have these sandals been all my life? They're amazing and both colors will pretty much work with everything in my closet. Here's to a long summer. 


also WMTM update!

(very pretty for spring/summer)

(I love this color too, size up for sure.)

(Never did get to try this on, has anyone?)

(I have these and absolutely love them. True to size.)

That's it for me! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. They look so cute on you! It looks like Nordy carries these too. I may have to order some to try. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks!!! They really are super comfy. Wish I had tried Birkenstock's sooner. Hope you like them!

  2. Love your toe nail polish! :D

    I have two pairs of Birkenstock (Salina in Grey and Orlando in Pearl White) and while I don’t wear sandals that much, I really love them and find them very comfortable. Gizeh is stylish but for some reason my toes wouldn’t stay in place when I walk and they kind of stick up in a weird way lol!

    Just wish I could wear the kids’ versions and they are so much cheaper!

    1. Thanks! The kids is a lot cheaper but I think the adult size is made of real leather? That may be the main difference.


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