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Upload! June 25th 2019

Somewhat boring upload. If I wore long sleeves pullovers, I would probably get the Mix and Mingle Pullover. The color is really pretty in the heathered mauve. I also like the Element Tank Cloud Wash in true navy. Nothing for me this week! I spent too much money this month already. Anything for you?

(I think this tank actually looks good in the navy but the plum is a little too much)

(Interesting, but way too snagable.)


  1. What??!!! You didn’t mention the feel the pleat crop??!! Lol. Your hunt for a wide legged pant must be over. That looks like a nice wide legged crop. I like the material and texture too. If you see it in a store would you please do a review?
    I know they had a crop like that before, but I think the material with this crop is an improvement. Also liking the new print shadow print.

    1. I saw the Pleat crop was uploaded a couple of weeks ago. I will see if I can find them at the store for a review! I do think I'm happy with the number of wide leg pants I have. I'm moving on to shorts! =D

  2. Another boring upload but I’m interested in knowing how the Feel the Pleat Crop fit too! :)


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