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Store Try Ons! Fit Review Shorts! Fast & Free Short 6", On The Fly Short Woven, Spring Break Away Short, On The Fly Pant Woven Track Stripe

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Since a few of my readers mentioned they actually prefer store try on reviews, I have a bunch coming up. Today's post is a review consisting of mainly summer shorts. I love Speed Up Shorts and have over a dozen pairs, but I only like to wear them during my workouts. I prefer more casual shorts for the weekend. I'm on a mission to find a a couple of new pairs of shorts for errands and walking around the upcoming summer months.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

This pair is not what I'm looking for but someone asked for a review of these. These shorts are true to size. I'm wearing my normal size 4 and it's a perfect fit. I think the 6" length is a tad long for petites, but I wouldn't say it's unflattering. They do remind me of bike shorts without the padding. These also come in a ten inch length which I think is definitely too long for us petites. The waist is high rise and the waistband sits right underneath my belly button. 

Next up we have the On The Fly Short Woven 2.5 inch length. I'm a fan of the OTF woven line and now I want to try everything in woven. I'm wearing my normal size 4. These are true to size. 

On The Fly Short Woven 2.5" True Navy Size 4

I almost went home with the true navy pair as they were on markdown for $49. I was pretty close to buying it (sale goggles on), but I think I want something with a little color. The drawstring waistband is very comfortable. I also tried on the black pair. The difference between the black and navy is so minimal. Although between the two colors I would probably go for black. One last comment about these shorts, I love that they have deep pockets!

Next up we have the Spring Breakaway Short 3" length. These are made with very light weight Swift fabric and are four-way stretch. The waistband sits underneath my belly button. I wasn't crazy about the waistband on this pair. I definitely prefer the On The Fly Short in terms of comfort. These fit true to size.

The length of these hits about mid thigh. I think they're not the most flattering on me. They're only half an inch longer than On The Fly Short, but for some reason I feel like you can actually tell the difference in length. Maybe it's just me.

Overall I did like these, but not enough to purchase. Maybe if I tried another color. Sometimes the color really makes the difference between purchasing and passing it up.

Last but not least, I tried on a pair of On The Fly Pant Woven Track Stripe that my store had on markdown for $89. I'm wearing my usual size 4. I found these to be too baggy in the legs. They're definitely super comfortable. Maybe if I traveled more often I could see myself using these as my travel pants. 

On The Fly Pant Woven Track Stripe True Navy/Black Size 4

The track stripe is actually very subtle. It's hard to see unless in bright lighting. They're also a bit too long in length even though they are 7/8 pants. 

In the end I walked out empty handed. But don't worry, I have another post coming up from another recent trip where I did find a very nice pair of summer shorts! 

That's it for me! Here's to another fabulous Monday! 



  1. Thank you for the store try-on review! The on the fly shorts look great on you. I wonder what you ended up purchasing.

    I have tried many pairs of shorts lately too. I like F&F 6" but it is too long on me. Wish they came out with the 4" option. I ended up getting align shorts 4" in camo. I was tempted by the pretty new floral pattern but it faded on me once on, so it was a no go.

    Have a great week!

    1. I actually just ordered a pair of Align Shorts as well, they were on sale for $29, so why not? I wore them yesterday and love them. Will def buy some more.

      I have a review coming up with more try ons with shorts!

  2. I also love the on the shorts on you!

  3. Love your try on reviews. Looking superb, Like yourself own dozens of speed shorts for working out. Bought Moonwalk align shorts enjoy them like my other nulux align leggings. Warmer humid weather difficult to wear or put on align leggings. Thought to purchase Fast free shorts in cyprus. Thanks for your review. Like the quicksand coloured shorts same as my swiftly tank i bought last year.

    1. Agreed, I haven't worn any Align crops ever since the warm temperatures arrived. Been living in shorts and thin wide leg pants! I love the quicksand color too.


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