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Fit Review Friday! On The Fly Crop, On The Fly Short Woven, Inner Glow Short, Align Short, With The Flow Pant

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Happy Friday everyone! First off this post is very image heavy. How is everyone doing so far? I've had a pretty crazy week. Between two days of training and then coming back to a lot of work, I so can't wait for Friday to be over. On to the fit review that everyone's been waiting for!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. 

I actually really LOVE these on me. These are the 23" crops and when I have them unrolled, they reach my ankles. However, I cuffed them up twice and love the length and look, except for one thing. The pockets kind of flare out a little bit. It's not super obvious if I'm standing up and not moving around. But once I start walking or move my leg the pockets flare out. I'm unsure why that is. Is it the fabric or is it the fit, or is it my hips? If this also happens to anyone else, let me know! How bad does it look anyway? I'm seriously debating on getting these but don't know if it looks too weird. That said, these are very very comfortable and they are luxtreme. These are true to size. For $88 I didn't think the price was awful. 

Does that look too weird? 

I dig the white bottoms with the white sneakers, although I should probably wear white socks next time. 😂

Next up we have On The Fly Short Woven in moonwalk. I tried these on last time in navy and black but didn't love them in either color. I love them in moonwalk and took these home with me. The color is a cool purple gray. The lighting here makes them look muddy, but it's actually very pretty. These also fit true to size and very comfortable to wear. They're pretty pricey for shorts, but since I don't have many shorts in general I decided it was okay to splurge! 

I actually really like the length of these. They do not look too short on petite gals.

Next up I tried on the Inner Glow Short in a size 2 since they didn't have my normal size. The waistband wasn't too horrible, but I would probably still stick to my normal size 4 for more comfort. They were just a smidge too tight.   

I did think they made my butt look weird though. So perhaps they are too small? Or perhaps is it the cut/design. They're definitely not as flattering as On The Fly Short in my opinion. The fabric however is very soft to touch. 

Also saw the Align Short in graphite purple was on markdown to $29. The store only had a size 2 left, but I tried them on anyway. I can get into the size 2, but they're really just too tight for my tastes (can see major panty lines). These are true to size as well. I liked them enough that I went online and ordered them in my normal size. They arrived yesterday and are perfect! I am a fan of the Align bottoms and super excited to buy my first pair of Align shorts. Will definitely add more if I see them on markdown. 

Last but not least, I ordered With the Flow Pant, but since these are black and I realize that my photoshoots at my condo are not the best at highlighting details on dark colors, so I took these with me into the fitting room for some photos before I returned them. 😬

I am wearing my normal size 4, and they are true to size. The waist sits at my belly button and I found that I love the waistband. They are flat in the front while the back is smocked. It was hard for me to get a photo of the back with them on, but here is a picture of the back waistband.

These are the perfect length. The inseam is 25 inches. I wasn't sure about the wrap front. I wonder if they look too weird. What do you think of it? Yay or nay?

I also thought the wide leg looked a little tooooooo wide to the point where it was a little ridiculous. Any thoughts? I just wasn't sure if I could pull these off. I almost feel like these are Olsen twin-esque. 


I am a huge Olsen twin fan, and think they look adorable. They are super cute and they have such amazing outfits and somehow they look fabulous and chic. Look at the confidence that they exude in this photo. How do they do it?! They are 5 feet tall!

 That's all for me! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Leave me a comment on what your thoughts are on these pants!



(See my fit review here.)


  1. I have a pair of the on the fly 7/8 and haven't noticed the pocket flaring thing. I love that you rolled up the bottom - I will try that on my pair, as I think that looks really cute and will transform my 7/8 length to crop length.
    I'm not a big fan of the with the flow pants - they seem very overwhelming

    1. Thanks, I guess I made the right decision in returning them!

  2. When I saw the second pic of the long pants on you I thought that they look pretty good on you. Then you turned around and I thought your pants were askew and I thought you were going to fix them. Then I realized that’s the style of the pants. I agree, the wrap front looks weird. I like the inner glow shorts on you :)

    1. The Inner Glow Shorts also come with a warning about the dye rubbing off, so if you do get them keep that in mind!

  3. I sewed the pockets on my On The Fly woven pants (2018 version, which I liked better, to be honest) shut to force them to lay flat. I thought that I could live with the flaring, but I barely wore them before I tackled the pocket issue. I do think that's it's the shape of my hips that causes it!

    1. Oh wow, I wouldn't have thought to sew the pockets but I like the fact that they do have pockets! Decisions, decisions....

  4. I think the pocket issue of the On the Fly Crop is caused by a tighter hip fitting. I don’t have the problem cos I have a small hip. :). I roll up the hem of my On the Fly Pants all the time and I personally think it looks cuter that way cos the hem is too tapered for my liking.

    The With the Flow Pant is definitely not petite friendly. You have to be slim with realllllly long legs to make it look nice lol.

    Thanks for the fit reviews!

    1. Darn hips. =P I might just get them anyway, they really are cute and comfy... will just have to deal with the pockets maybe...?

      Yes, I am glad I returned them!


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