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Coach Summer Sale! 50% Off All Sale Styles

Happy Friday! For those of you looking for my usual Fit Review Friday post, I promise there will be a big fit review post happening on Monday. Today I'm going to talk about the Coach summer sale that is upon us. It's been up for a little while now and I'm not sure how much longer it will go on for. I placed an order for a Rogue with rivets (which is currently sold out on the website). I jumped on this Rogue because I heard through the grapevine that Coach will be discontinuing this style, which is why almost all of them are 50% off! If you've been thinking about getting a Rogue, I say get one while you still can! I am so tempted to just hoard a bunch of Rogues. If I had unlimited funds I would also get the Rogue SaddleRogue Metallic Graphite, and Rogue with Whipstitch Handle. I have no clue why are they discontinuing one of their most popular styles. It is the main reason why I came back to Coach in the first place.

I mean, look at this leather.

This bag will not stay this way for long. I'm hoping Chelsea Champlain will work with me to turn this bag into a one of a kind wearable art piece. As you can see this bag is crafted from glovetanned pebbled leather. Notice how soft and supple it is. I can't wait for it to be broken in a little bit. I love slouchy bags. I think it gives them more character.

This bag is on the large side for a petite person. I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. I think it makes good size work bag though. This bag does include shoulder straps that you can attach to carry it like a tote. I prefer to just carry it by the handle. Also note that this bag is substantial in weight. It is not a light weight bag by any means. It is lined with buttery golden suede and the hardware definitely adds some heft to it.

 I'm not sure how long this summer sale lasts, so here are my picks! 

(The black version would match my bag, but this oxblood looks very pretty.)

(This color is gorgeous!)

(This saddle color is gorgeous. The wine suede interior is lush.)

(I have this but in the rose color from 2 years ago.)

(I don't normally like signature canvas, but this is pretty cute!)

(I love how this looks like a book with leather binding. If this were a saddle/chestnut brown I would be all over it. Price is very nice for a 1941 bag and that buttery leather is TDF.)

(I'm not 100% sold on this bag, but I appreciate the size and the compartments similar to the Rogue style.)

(Not going to lie, I was this close to buying this Rogue instead. I am a sucker for dark metallics and wine suede lining.)

(If you're looking for extra bling, this is it.)

(I think this bag is absolutely stunning. I have a black version with tea roses, but this one is so amazing.)

(If I didn't already have an oxblood suede Rogue, I would have bought this one. I love the contrasting sides in golden suede.)

(This is a cute little denim bag.)

Admit it, Coach has some really nice bags. What did you end up getting from the summer sale?


  1. Thank you so much for this post as I was the one who asked about it! I am shocked to hear that the Rogue will be discontinued - is this all Rogue styles, including the 25? If this is true, then I will definitely be looking hard at buying another Rogue 25 in this sale.

    1. You're welcome! It is going to be discontinued, I believe all styles. The only ones that will remain are the Made To Order Rogues and maybe some of the exotics. But if you're looking to add a 25, I would do it now. I'm really tempted to get the whipstitch Rogue.... sigh.

    2. Thank you for the heads up about Rogue being discontinued. I think you should get the oxblood whipstitch Rogue since it will now be a collector's item! It is a great deal at that price plus right now there is an additional $25 off $250+ with code ENJOY25 (expires 06/17 3AM EST).

    3. Oohhhh that's even more tempting! Well maaaaaybe I will.... I have 2 days to think on it as long as the bag doesn't sell out. Eeek!


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