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Upload! May 7th 2019

There's a couple of items in this upload I am interested in checking out. The Everyday Journey Hoodie and Delicate Day Tank have piqued my curiosity. I'm not sure I'll be placing an order anytime soon since I'm leaving for New York on Saturday. I'll be visiting family and friends that I haven't seen for six months.

Did you place an order tonight? What would you like to see a review of? Leave me a comment below!

(I am tempted to try this, since the fabric is Nulu.)

(I have been wearing this jacket a decent amount lately and love it. Would def purchase another, waiting for the right pattern/color.)

(This really looks like a lab coat.)

(I am scared of all that lace!)

(I think this is really pretty, but I am not a fan of such a high neck.)


  1. Nothing for me but I really like the Turn to Tie tank!

  2. Tempted by the Every Journey Hoodie in Light Chrome but didn't purchase yet. Would love to see a review!

  3. I second the Every Journey Hoodie! I am a sucker for anything with an asymmetrical zipper.


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