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Summer tops! Lucky Brand Avery Short Sleeve Shirt & Sasha Poplin Shirt

It's currently mid 90s here in Hotlanta and I'm pretty much dying for some light weight summer tops that are not tank tops. I've been curious to see what Lucky Brand is all about and I keep looking at the window displays every time I pass by the store. Yesterday I finally ventured inside to try a couple of summery tops. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically size 4 in Lululemon, size PXS or XXS/XS in Athleta tops. For Lucky Brand I fit into size XS for both of these tops and they were fairly roomy.

I normally stray from wearing white because I'm such a klutz, but I tried this button up and loved how it looked with my Align Crops. The billowy top made a nice contrast to the fitted bottom. I also liked how it's styled with a knot. You can untie the knot if you want to, but I quite like how it looks.

Vertical stripes seem to be back and I hardly ever wear stripes but the Avery Short Sleeve Shirt in a light blue makes for a cute retro look for summer. The fabric is very thin and soft and slightly see-through. But when it's literally 95 degrees, I really don't care anymore! The length is very petite friendly. 

I ended up purchasing both tops. Everything at Lucky Brand is currently 40% off. If you're new to Lucky Brand, you can receive $20 off your first purchase over $50 with my referral link

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 


  1. Love the white shirt on you and the knot is cute. I usually stay away from white color too but I love pairing white shirts with jeans.

    I’m hoping that Lululemon will release a charcoal grey patterned Align Crop. Love the Washed Marble Titanium Print which unfortunately was only available in WU crops. I’ve never bought Align Crops in solid colors fearing that pilling will be more obvious on a solid background.

    P.S. Still wasn’t able to post reviews using Safari.

    1. I haven't had too much pilling on my Align Crops. I think I've only had one that showed some pilling but it was after a few years. I also have a good number that I think if I rotate them they will hold up for a while.

      I asked my husband about this Safari issue and he says Blogger is run by Google and since Safari is a competitor of Google, they did not test for Safari to make sure things worked. Which is a bummer for sure, but I guess it makes sense on the Google side. They would want you to use Chrome, not Safari. =(


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