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My New York Visit!

Happy Friday! I'm sorry I don't have a fit review for you guys, I was with a friend when we passed a Lululemon store on Monday and I asked do you want to go in? She said, "No every time we go in there, I end up buyin' something!" I laughed and we kept walking. Plus it was raining and we had our umbrellas and not to mention it was 48 degrees so it wouldn't be fun to do a fitting room post with all the soggy clothes and bags. 😣

These photos sum up my week in New York. Warning- photo heavy!

First day on arrival it was a gorgeous sunny day. Perfect for some outdoor exercise. I just got off of a flight and was pretty lethargic (travel usually makes me tired) so I just did some walking. My sister went for a run.

Little Bay Park with a view of the Throgs Neck Bridge.

My sister up ahead, she's the same size as me so technically we can share clothes, but we don't.

Twinsies! But we look nothing alike. Hahahaha.

Always happy to see my grandma. 

Day 2- My dad made this special soup that only gets made once a year for the winter equinox, but since I missed it, they made it again just for me!

I have the recipe now, so I will try and make it when I get back to ATL.

Day 3- Went into the city and met up with my friends for some dim sum and shopping and then happy hour!

Dim sum at Jing Fong. Solid place.

Afterwards we did a little walking and shopping at Allbirds.

I want these flats so bad, but they're completely sold out in all sizes! I'm waiting for a restock. 

Wet & rainy. All day long!

Then we went to Happy Hour at Barn Joo. I love those bookcases along the wall. 

$1 each! We ordered two dozen plus a lot of other food I won't post.

Day 4- More dim sum with my parents. They took me to my favorite place called Lake Pavillion near Flushing. It's the best I've ever had.

Tripe. Looks gross, but it's tasty.

Shrimp wrapped in rice noodle with soy sauce. Soooo yummy.

Best egg custards I've ever had as well!

Day 5- I went into Chinatown for my dentist appointment. My teeth are fine, but can I just say the x-rays hurt so bad! I have a small mouth and the giant prong called the bitewing digs into my upper and lower mouth. It is sooooo painful. I can't believe they had to take 24 slides to get my entire mouth. After that I went to my eye doctor for an exam and it turns out my eyes are actually improving! I couldn't believe it. My eye sight is also pretty bad, it's -4.75 and -5.50. It used to be worse. After that I met up with my mom and brother for some more delicious food at Noodle Village on Mott street.

I said good bye to my mom and my brother and then walked to my previous job on Water Street to say hello to old co-workers. It was nice seeing everyone. I try and do this once a year. I was lucky to work with some great people and sometimes that's all that matters at a job. They end up becoming more than just co-workers, they ended up becoming family and that's very rare in this day and age.

Finally got to see the Fearless Girl statue which now moved to the front of NYSE.

Then I met up with an old friend at a bar called One if by Land, Two if by Sea. This was Aaron Burr's former carriage house and apparently it's haunted by twenty ghosts, is what she told me. It definitely looks and feels haunted.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

We had a couple of drinks and then moved on to Las Ramblas. It's a cute little tapas place. 

Chorizo with cannellini beans.

Day 6- I met up with an old doll friend who I haven't seen in probably a year. Lots of catching up to do! But first we went to Jackson Hole Diner because it's hard to find a good diner in Atlanta. Sad, but true!

I had french toast, but also with eggs and homemade fries that are not pictured. The french toast actually wasn't that good this time around. I was sad.

After we went over to her place and I met her new dog Finn. He's a Blue Heeler that just turned one year old. He was a bit hesitant at first, but after I played fetch with him in the yard he warmed up to me pretty fast! True to his name, he nipped at my ankles trying to corral us to go back upstairs from the basement when we went to look at her toys!

Finn is such a sweetie!

I got a tour of her doll collection. My friend is a crazy doll collector. She collects lots of different kind of dolls. She's also a huge Jamie Dornan fan!

Creepy, I know. She has five. LOL.

And here's my last dinner with my parents. Home cooked (mostly) and will miss all of this. My New York trip went by fast, but I can't wait to be back home with my husband and five cats. I miss them all so much!

That's it for me! Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Did you microblade your brows? I was looking at your fit reviews. I think size 4 lulu looks too big on you. Ever tried to size down? Have you tried the lulu noir crops before?

    1. Hi there. I had my eyebrows tattooed about a year ago.
      Bottoms I am almost never a size 2. Always too tight in the waist for me. I have tried on the Noir Crops and they were so horrible on me I didn't bother posting a review here! They were not crops, full length and just looked silly.

  2. I think you and I are almost the exact same size. I tried on the on the fly 7/8 pants today. They fit like full length pants on me. You said you didn't like now the on the fly crops flared at the bottom, well the 7/8 pants are tapered, you can get them shortened for free. the woven fabric is also more dressy for the office. Hope that helps, the noir crops are all sold out in canada, i was hoping you could try them on as they're still in stock in the usa. pls do a fit review if you can Thank you

    1. I haven't tried on the 7/8 length but just by looking at the pictures I think the pant leg will be too baggy even if I have them shortened. How tall are you?

  3. I'm about 4'10. I just read your latest post about the noir crops. I'm soooo sad :( I just ordered them 2 days ago and they just shipped out today. Now I'm regretting it. All the trouble I'll have to go through, driving down to the US to pick up, paying more for them after the exchange rate, and to find out they're gonna look ridiculous on me. My only hope is that they will look ok after I have them hemmed.
    Do you ever take advantage of that free service from lulu? I've had tank tops shortened, pants , t shirts... all shortened.

    Anyway, about the 7/8 pants, I tried the 2 and the leg wasn't too baggy. Do you think the width would be much different in the 4? so the cropped on the fly pants look like 7/8 pants on me and the 7/8 pants look like full length pants without the flare at the bottom like the crops. That being said I would still get the 7/8 pants shortened to look 7/8

    1. oh wow we're almost the same size! I'm curious to know what you think of the noir crops when you get them. Maybe if you have them hemmed? I have gone gotten a few pairs of bottoms hemmed by Lulu but never the tops. It only works if the tops are straight cut, curved hem won't work. So I find it very limiting.

      I'll give the size 4 a shot, I'll place an order today and see how they are for the 7/8 pant. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for your reply. I'll def keep you posted about the noir crop. Sometimes it's just nice to wear non fitted or skin tight pants. Yes I know what you mean about the curved bottoms on the tops. Sometimes they look ok if altered to look straight but sometimes not. If you find a good seamstress, they can do the curved hem. But of course it's an extra cost. I love the essential tank so much. It's too long but the bottom is curved and will not look good hemmed up straight. I'm not willing to spend the extra for a seamstress so i just wear it as is. It rides up sometimes anyway.

    1. Actually if the Noir Crops do not work for you, try the On the Fly Wide-Leg 7/8 Pant Woven.They are super cool to the touch and perfect for summer and the length is full length on us, but crop might work better the leg is not as wide. I have a review coming up on these for Friday. But the downside is these cost a lot. $118 and I wasn't able to stomach it! But I really did love the fit and feel.

      I am an Essential Tank fan too. I have 4 of them. Left them long. It looks good with tights. Not so much with shorts though.

  5. Sorry for all the posts. But I have so many questions. How as a petite, do you feel about the wide legged pant trend? I didn't think it would be a good thing for petite ladies but I find it to be ok if they're wide legged crops rather than full length pants. Full length is just too overwhelming on me. There are some cropped styles that are so wide legged and flared that they look like a midi skirt. I find that works because it essentially looks like you're wearing a midi skirt which works on a petite frame. Oddly enough i bought a wide legged print cropped off the shoulder jumpsuit from target which fit like full length on me and it looked fine. Maybe because it was one piece and the same pattern throughout it had a lengthening effect? and the material is flowy which helped too. Surprisingly I think it looks better with flat slide sandals rather than heels. Anyway, the challenges of being petite!!!

    1. I think the wide leg is hit or miss. It depends on the style and if you have a boyish figure or like me I have wide hips for my height, sometimes wide leg makes me look shorter. But I did a review on Banana Republic Logan Trousers and I wear them to work.

      The On the Fly Wide-Leg 7/8 Pant Is similar bit wider in the leg and more airy and casual. But I do like the style if you can find a pair that is flattering on you. Sometimes I think the crop style makes us look shorter? I have yet to find a pair of crop that works well if they're wide legged. But if you can make them work, do let me know!

  6. Too bad I can't attach photos to these posts or I can send you pics of the noir crop on me when I finally receive them. arrival date is may 28 but i have to find time to drive for over an hour to the border and pick them up. I had tried on the noir pants to get a reference for the waist size. The saleslady suggested I hem up the pants to look like crops but I said no, I'd have to cut off over a foot long lol. My waist would be more comfortable in size 4 lulu bottoms too but I can't do it. It's just too big everywhere else especially the length. So I squeeze my waist into the 2s. I certainly can't have a meal in them. But I do find that the width and length difference is huge for me. I really do need the length and cuff size, hip and thigh width of the 2s.

    1. You can always email them to me. so I can see!

      I have that problem also. I fit the 4 in the waist, but the legs are better in the size 2. But I can't do a size 2 waist, it is really uncomfortable on me.

  7. Try tucking your essential tank in on just one side of your waist if you want to wear them with shorts.

  8. btw, i tried on the latest version of the studio crops. Super flattering and slimming. they fit like 7/8 pants on me. Have you tried them?

    1. Have not tried the new studio crops. I'll check them out!

  9. So I looked at the description of the noir crops again. It says the inseam is 20" but I realized that the crotch hangs down quite a bit so the 20"inseam is kinda misleading. But do they hang down so low as to add another 5 inches to make them look full length on you? Do you remember if they are straight leg or flared?

    1. I remember the Noir Crops being very long almost full length I believe. I don't recall it looking flared, just remember them being super wide.


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