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Fit Review Friday! Rothy's The Point

Happy Friday! Also, happy May! I can't believe how fast this year is going by. Today I have for you something a little different. My Lululemon order took almost a week to arrive, which threw off my fit review Friday post. I'll be photographing my Lululemon order this weekend for next week's fit review Friday. 

Recently I’ve been looking for a summer flat for work and my sister in law asked me if I had ever tried Rothy’s. I said, no but I would be willing to try a pair. I perused their website and saw they had a pointy flat, aptly called The Point. After reading some reviews on The Point, some say they ran true to size, others said because of the pointy toe, to size up half a size. I ordered a size 5 and 5 1/2 to try since it is free shipping and returns.

With so many other shoe companies to purchase from, why Rothy's? For me, it all started with Allbirds. I wanted to somehow try and save the planet, or at least reduce my carbon footprint and plastic waste. I began looking at companies that created products that are eco friendly and used sustainable materials. I feel good when I purchase from companies like Allbird. Which brings me to Rothy’s. I had heard of them but have never tried a pair, but I was piqued after reading how eco friendly they are.


Rothy’s shoes are made of recycled water bottles. How amazing is that? Just think about it for a moment. They somehow figured out how to turn plastic bottles into wearable shoes. It’s akin to magic if you ask me. According to their website, they do this by hot-washing the bottles and turning them into fiber which is used to knit the shoes which  means there’s no wasted fabric. These shoes are also machine washable. Throw them in for a delicate cycle and air dry. Once you are done with your worn-out Rothy's, they will take them back and recycle them for you for free! How amazing is that?

The Fit

The size 5 fits me perfectly, so I would say order your true shoe size. There is no break in period. These flats should fit right out of the box. These shoes never stretch, so if they are too tight, I would exchange them for a bigger size. 


Now for the big question, how comfortable are they? I mean, they are plastic shoes. Knitted or not, it just doesn’t sound like they could be comfortable. I was pretty skeptical, but when I held them in my hands, the fabric feels like soft cotton canvas. The knit is very tight and completely seamless on the outside. They are super light weight. The bottom sole is made of rubber. The inside is not lined, but the bottom does come with a knitted insert that is removable and replaceable. Rothy’s sells extra inserts on their website for $10.  The heel is lined with a thin piece of fabric that feels like suede but I think it is microfiber. These flats hug and mold to your feet. I can't get over how perfect these flats fit me. For someone who has very small feet, it is amazing to say that something fits perfectly. These do not slip off my heel when I walk which is one of my big pet peeves about flats. I wore these all day at the office and didn't have any issues. Once in a while I did feel like I needed a little extra support which is why I will be adding a padded insert to mine.


Now let’s talk about the price. A lot of people balk at the cost. These run $145 plus tax. Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide. I am a fan, because it cannot be easy to turn plastic bottles into shoes that are comfortable. The fact that they figured it out is truly amazing. I also feel really good about purchasing these. I’m very much into buying products that are eco friendly and I want to support these companies. For those who are interested, I would love it if you would use my referral link for $20 off your first purchase and in return I’ll get $20 off my next purchase.

Final Thoughts

I would 10000% buy another pair of these. I purchased this pair mainly for the office, but I am already looking for a second pair to wear casually on the weekends when I want to go out feeling a little more dressed up. I’m eyeing the Leopard for fall, Mink for something a little more subtle for the office and Midnight Magic when I want to feel like Cindererlla!

Do you have a pair? If anyone has tried the Loafer or the Sneaker do let me know how you like them! They also have these two styles in kids sizes. I'm tempted to try them just because they are so much cheaper than the adult version!

That's pretty much all I have at the moment. BTW, did anyone see the huge upload to WMTM today?  Has to be over 200+ items. Here are the ones that stood out to me. 

(sorry I never got to do a review of this before it went on sale.)

(the fabric looks very cozy to me.)

(sad I missed this in the gray.)

(the petrol blue is nice!)

Ok that's really it for me! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!


  1. I am a size 5 1/2 and own the children size 4 loafers from Rothys. They are incredibly comfortable. I plan in ordering another pair as well as their slip on sneakers.

    1. I was just looking at the kids section and was curious about them! I wonder if the 4 will be too big for me? I may have to order a 3 & 4 to try the loafers. I also was eyeing the White Rainbow sneakers!

    2. Hi there. I have the size 4 kids loafers and they fit me perfectly. I'm baffled how if you're a 5.5 you can fit the kids 4 because I'm a women's 4.5 and the kids 4 fit me perfectly. Do you find the kids loafer isn't as flattering as the women's? Not as sleek and slender looking.

    3. I do think some of the color combinations can be more kiddish- but it you're looking for something head turning some of the design ones might be fun. I haven't decided on a color yet. Will take a look!

      As for the adult version looking more sleek- just a tad, but not enough to justify the price difference!

  2. I went ahead and ordered the grey and navy sneakers for my son and if he doesn’t like them I will keep them for myself. The rainbow sneakers are darling! And I kind of thought the flame ones would be so fun!
    I would order both just to see. 4s fit me perfect but my feet might be a wee bit bigger than yours.

    1. I think I will place another order next month. Hopefully there will still be some sizes left in the rainbow sneakers. I like that the children's are a bit fun!

  3. Leslie,I think you should order the kids 4. My feet sound a bit smaller than yours and the kids 4 fit me perfectly.

    1. Thanks!! I couldn't decide, so this helps a lot.

  4. Is this the cinnamon color? I'm definitely eyeing them and the new colors that have been released... Here is my referral code for $20 off if anyone is looking for one

    1. Hi! This is the persimmon color from 2019. The new colors are really nice. I am eyeing the sneakers they just released. They look really cute!


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