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Upload! April 2nd 2019

Huge upload tonight! What are you all interested in? I'm planning on placing an order for requests for reviews. If there's something that really interests you leave me a comment below!

(This is a pretty color.)

(This is interesting, but I feel like the neck will be too tight.)

(Loving this shade of purple too.)

(This is interesting, what exactly is this?)

(This is one of those colors I would never be caught dead in!)

(I kind of like this jacket, but the pockets stick out.)

(Of course this is antique bark, it looks so lovely, almost makes the jacket look good!)

(More camo! This one isn't bad as far as camo goes.)

(I like this print a lot. Will be interested to see more items with it.)


  1. When the grace with lace long jacket first came out- i didn’t really care for it. When I saw it today in the antique bark, I thought hmmmmm that does look nice! I’m also interested in the WU
    washed tights and the Antoinette ribbed tight- love the colors! I agree with you on the henley swiftly. You can unbutton the top, but it still looks ‘high’

    1. I may put in an order for the ribbed tight. I doubt it would fit me, but I guess it would be nice to see it in person!

  2. I love the Washed Marble Titanium Deep Coal print and hope it’ll come in Align Crop! I have a pair of Full On Luxtreme Wunder Under Crop and it’s not as comfortable as my Aligns. Would love to see this pattern in a jacket too (In Stride Jacket or Define Jacket etc)!

    The On My Level Duffel in Graphite Purple is super pretty but also super expensive! Would love to see this color in a Scuba Hoodie or a wrap.

    1. I don't think there is anything as comfortable as Aligns. Graphite purple is really pretty. Will keep an eye out for that color as well.

  3. I like the look of the WU Crop Ribbed in Washed blue moon but I doubt the bottom will be tight enough on my short legs. If they come out with a Honey Lemon crop tank I'd be all over it!

    1. I order the WU Crop Ribbed in blue moon for a review. I also don't think it will fit my calves either, but we'll see! I should have a review up next week as long as FedEx delivers Friday.


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