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Fit Review Friday! Swiftly Breeze Tank Relaxed Fit, Wunder Under Crop Ribbed

Happy Friday everyone! I have two items up for review today. The Swiftly Breeze Tank in the relaxed fit and Wunder Under Crop Ribbed.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

This tank says it comes in a size 2, but they're completely sold out in all colors online. Unsure if it really does come in a size 2 or not. Here I am trying on a size 4. I would say this is one of the tops I can size down in. The armholes are low and kind of droop outwards in a very unflattering way. I'm not 100% sure a size 2 would look better, but it might.

This tank also arrived super wrinkly!

It's definitely a roomy fit. I like how the wide hemline hugs the hips so it won't ride up. Overall, I did find the tank to be very comfortable, but would want to try it in a size 2 if I ever find one. For now I prefer the Breeze By Muscle Tank.

Next up, Wunder Under Crop Ribbed. The length is 23 inches which for me hits right above my ankles. I am wearing my usual size 4 in Lululemon bottoms and I would say these are true to size.

 Wunder Under Crop Ribbed Washed Blue Moon Size 4

First thing I noticed was how soft these felt. I found the ribbed waistband to be very comfortable and snug. The high rise waistband hit right above my belly button. The fabric feels mid weight. They do have a substantial thickness to them and do not feel thin. I would say it's a nice transitional piece for spring.

 There is a warning on the back of the tag that the color may rub off like denim. 

As you can see the ribbed hem at the bottom of the crop was not tight enough around my ankles. They are too long and too loose. I cuffed them in the below pic and that made them fit better in the ankles but unsure if that is a good solution. I'm sure it's fine if you plan to wear them casually and not for working out. 

Overall I did like these but I didn't love it. The washed blue moon is unique and does look a bit like denim from afar. I did like the fit and was surprised at how comfortable they felt, but will be returning this as well.


That's all for me! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

Noteworthy WMTM items-

(Looks like a cute piece for a day at the beach)

(This blue looks so plush!)

(I wonder why they put out two very similar blues.)

(I really love this wrap, I love it so much I'm debating if I should buy a back up in the Spanish Oak and purchase one in black as well. Am I crazy? Someone talk me into it or out of it! My review.)

(I tried this on last year and was in-between sizes. Check out my review here.)


  1. The tank looks terrible and the armholes are too low and way too big. Weird fit overall.

    The Crop doesn’t fit you well either. If it were shorter and tighter at the hem, it would’ve looked so much better on a petite body,

    Do you really love the Sundown Wrap that much lol?! I would say go for Black rather than getting an extra one in Spanish Oak. Something nice in that shade or similar tone might be released later. I like it but worried that it’s too delicate and might snag easily.

    1. I was so disappointed because I was really looking forward to a new workout tank. This one really missed the mark.

      The crops really need to be 19 inches for it to look like a crop on me. It's always hard to find crops that fit like they should.

      Yes! The Sundown Wrap is so amazing. But I think you're right I should probably get one in black instead. It's super soft and snuggly like being wrapped up in a blanket. I've worn mine maybe a handful of times so far and no snags. I am careful not to wear it around my cats though! HAHAHA.

  2. Thanks for the review on those Wunder Unders. I was eyeballing the crops in Washed Antoinette, but after seeing the baggy cuffs, I'm definitely going to pass on these! 23 inches is a tricky length for us petites! I'm also put off by the dye transfer warning - I'm very glad you highlighted that :).

    1. I knew these most likely wouldn't be petite friendly. Hopefully my review will help a few petite people out!

  3. Omg!! You tried on the Washed WU Crop Ribbed in the blue color which is exactly what I've been eyeing. Thank you! I was contemplating ordering them to try but these definitely will not work for me. It's cute cuffed but I would pass too. (: I have the Washed Luna crops and I have to cuff those and they look cute like that but I think with the thick ribbing it would be too thick.

    I think the Swiftly Breeze looks like any muscle tank but with gaping arm holes.

    1. The tank was pretty underwhelming. Very disappointed in it. I was hoping to find another tank to add to my workout tops.

      The Crop is very comfy but the cuffs definitely are a problem for us petite ladies. Wish Lulu would make a petite section.

  4. I'm with the rest that these are two easy passes for me -and not very flattering - i think the idea of a muscle tank with the very open armholes and then a wide band at the bottom isn't flattering in general - the two don't seem to go together loose and fitted in the wrong areas. Yes to petite sizes or Asia sizes as they call them in Hong Kong. If they're already making them it would be easy enough to send them our way.

    1. I normally do like muscle tanks, but this one was just bad.
      Very true about that! I forgotten they made some for Hong Kong.


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