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Upload! March 5th 2019

Huge upload tonight, but nothing really caught my eye. I like the azurite poppy print but will wait for a tank, bra or shorts. The dappled daze print is also nice, but a little too busy for me. Nothing for me this week! What did you think of tonight's upload?

(I like the front, but not the back. The white looks weird.)

(Love the back of this tank, but the neckline looks very tight.)

(Cute bra, but why is it $78?)

(Cute but not sure about this textured fabric.)

(Just in time for Easter?)

(This print is too much for a jacket.)

(Antique Bark is one of my favorite shades of purple.)


  1. Love The Arise Bra In Dawn Blue but the price is ridiculous. I have a couple of Arise Bras from years ago and they are one of my favourite Lulu Bras. Very comfortable and flattering on small chested ladies. Mine have a narrower band which in my opinion is even better.

    Another boring upload.


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