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Upload! March 19th 2019

Pretty big upload tonight. What do you think of the Aerial Silk line? To be honest first thing I thought of was AgentAthletica because she's the only one I know that takes classes for it. I do like some of the new tops that are offered tonight, but the prices are steep. Let me know if you ordered and if there's something you want to see a review of leave me a comment below!

(I may cave and buy this. Love this color so much!)

(I also really want to try this. Looks very sleek.)

(This looks very nice too, almost looks like something I can wear to work!)

(color is nice, but probably not petite friendly)

(this is kind of plain for $88)

(very plain in the front, but has an interesting back)

(has anyone tried these? are these tops petite friendly?)

(price is steep for this line! $78)

($228 = Yikes! It does look comfy though, I'll give them that.)

(this is pretty, wish it came in petite length!)

(interesting color, not my cuppa tea though)

(These are 25 inches in length, wonder if they are slim enough in the leg to work for petites, but not crazy about the ruffled waist band, prefer flat)

(I really like the color of these!)

(I'm tempted because these would match my turquoise bag! 😅)

(what do you think of this crinkled version? I love the color, but on the fence. I wonder if it feels papery.)

(this is also really pretty!)


  1. Regarding the love crew, I find them petite friendly. Much more so than the regular love tee, which dips too low and I need to wear a cami under.

    1. Thanks! I may try one if I see it on WMTM. Are they true to size? Or is it a size down item?

  2. I like the jumpsuit and the tones stripe vinyasa, everything else is a bust. Wondering about the wrap in the photo of the jumpsuit though. That has potential.

    1. I wish the jumpsuit was petite friendly. The model is 5 foot 10 and looks amazing on her. I'm sure on me it would be so ill fitted...

  3. Yes Gravity is such a pretty color and I was tempted to get it in the On the Fly Pant last summer. Ended up getting a pair in Blue Tied which is a bluish grey. Gravity is more on the green side.

    Nothing for me and I am kinda interested in the crinkle Vinyasa Scarf. It it comes out in a grey color I will probably get one.

    By the way, I tried on the On the Fly Crop and much prefer the On the Fly Pant which works as a pair of crop with rolled up hem. Like you, I’m not fond of the slightly flare bottom of the crop version. Personally I find the pant version fits better overall and is more flattering.

    I’ve tried on the Love Crew last summer and it fits TTS. If you want a fitted look you might wanna size down, but the shoulders might fit a bit tight. I tried on size 2 and the shoulders fitted perfect, and I have narrow shoulders. Hope it helps.

    1. I've always been drawn to teal colors. Hopefully Lulu will release it in more items again!

      I wonder why they decided to go with a flare bottom on the crops, surely they realized it wouldn't be very flattering for most people.

      Thanks for the fit advice on the Love Crew. I will probably stick to my usual size 4 then. I'm unsure about that curved hem though.

  4. I'd be interested in seeing a bunch of stuff reviewed from this upload! The Dash Into Dusk Jacket is cute, I especially love the poppy coral color. Either of the Lululemon Lab Flutter SS or Flutter Tank would be interesting to see as they are cute but do look very long for us petites. I'd also be curious to see the High Lines Pullover reviewed.

    I placed an order for the State Seeker Jacket in deep ruby and the Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II Non-Reflective Nulux 25" in vintage plum. Also picked up the All Love Tee Striped Mesh in white cuz I've been eyeing it but waiting until there were a few other things that interested me before making a purchase. Lots of cute colors coming out, I love all the purples and coral/reds.

    1. Okay I've added those in my cart. I have an order arriving tonight with a couple of items requested. Should have some really good reviews coming up as long as the sun cooperates with me this weekend!

      Let me know how you like your items! I am interested to know if you like the All Love Tee.

  5. The crinkle vinyasa color is pretty but the texture looks like it might feel weird. Nothing for me this upload. Aside from a piece here and there I mostly wait for WMTM. I think the hotty hot short *SE looks cute from afar but the polka dots are lulu logos which I don't really like.

    1. Lately a few items from every upload end up on WMTM two days later! It's kind of crazy. It's totally worth it to just wait it out as long as you know your size. I did do a double take when I saw the dots were logos. Not a fan of that at all.


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