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Store Try Ons! Vinyasa Scarf Crinkle, Align Crop Capri, Sculpt Tank Antique Bark, Another Mile Short Sleeve

I went to the store to see if they had any of the new items that was uploaded this week. Sadly they did not! I'll have to place an order this week. I'll wait until Tuesday for any last minute requests!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

You all know that I love antique bark, I think it is one of the prettiest purples released by Lululemon. I would have bought this tank except it seems as if the length of the Sculpt Tank is getting longer and longer?! I don't recall the backs ever covering my bum completely. I asked if this tank was hemmable. The short answer is no. If they did hem it, it would be a straight line going across and all the details would be lost. 

The color is absolutely beautiful, but the fabric is quite thin on this one. I wish they made this tank just a couple of inches shorter. Sigh.

I saw this tee on the sale rack and decided to try it on. I love me some space dye camo especially in coal gray. I am wearing a size 4. 

This one is a very boxy tee with no shape at all. I would say it is true to size because the shoulders fit quite well. However this top had the same issue as the Sculpt Tank I just tried on. It's very long and completely covers my bum. I guess it's not really a bad thing, but I feel like it overwhelms my petite frame when tops are this long. I'm sure for anyone who is a few inches taller than me, the length is perfectly fine. I'm just on the very short side of the spectrum. Otherwise I did really like the tee. It felt very comfortable and soft. The fabric is seriously light luon. 

I grabbed a pair of Align Crops in capri to try on as well. I'm wearing my usual size 4 and it is true to size. The color is very saturated and bright. I think it's a true turquoise color. It would look really nice with some gray or black tops and white if you're feeling more summary. The fabric felt buttery soft just like all my other Aligns. 

The store did have the Vinyasa Crinkle Scarf. I agree with Andrea, it's not quite as soft as the other Vinyasa scarves and it does feel a little papery. One side has the crinkly fabric, the other side is a bit less crinkly and felt softer. The color spanish rose is a very pretty pink, almost a salmon pink. 


How was everyone's weekend? I saw Dumbo and brought my little Dumbo charm I purchased from Coach. I loved the movie, but it is quite unrealistic and unbelievable but hey, it's based on a cartoon that's meant for children. Visually, it is an amazing movie, but I wouldn't say it's the best movie I ever saw. I would still recommend it if you're a Dumbo fan. That's it for me! Have a great Monday!


  1. That dumbo charm is so cute! Now I really want an antique bark piece the way you described the color.

  2. Yes you made me wanna grab something in Antique Bark too! If Lululemon releases a Radiant Jacket in this pretty color I’ll be all over it!

    So sad with the feel of the Crinkle Vinyasa Scarf. It has so much potential.

    I was interested in getting another LS Swiftly but looks like Lululemon has made them an inch or two longer! I could wear them as dresses! I had very bad experience with hemming at Lululemon and would avoid buying anything that needed to be hemmed, unless I love that piece a lot. I actually paid to have my Take it Easy Pants hemmed at a seamstresses.

    Thanks for the review and I love your cute Dumbo charm! Brought back lovely childhood memories!

    1. Wow, so it definitely seems like Lululemon is making tops longer in length? That's sad for us petites! I had a couple of leggings hemmed by them and didn't have a problem. I am planning on taking another pair in soon. I hope it turns out fine!

    2. Once I took in a pair of Groove Pants (special pattern) for hemming and they cut the hems too short. What they did was to attach an extra 2” piece alomg the hem which means they created a seam along the bottom edge of the pant. I was offered an option to return the pants for a gift cad which I did, but that special pattern was sold out and I was bummed.

    3. Oh yikes. That does sound awful. =(

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  4. I love that sculpt tank on you. I don't think it looks too long!

  5. That dumbo charm is pretty cute! I bought the coach Disney kisslock coin purse;)

    1. Thanks! I was eyeing that kisslock coin purse too. But then I bought a Dumbo watch! =D


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