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Frugal February & My First Purchase!

I survived Frugal February. I like to do a shopping ban every six months. My next ban will come around August. It let's me reset and remind myself that I'll still survive if I don't give in to my wants all the time. Except this time I actually broke my ban. I ended up making a couple of purchases I didn't really need. Bought myself a bunch of Coach X Disney charms that I knew would be sold out in a matter of days.

I could not resist this Dumbo charm.

How could I say no to Thumper?

I also bought some tees for work and another Sophie sweater blazer from J.Crew for spring. I have it in the light gray and decided the navy would be a great addition to my work wardrobe. Then I really broke my ban when I caved and bought the Glyde Scuba Hoodie on finale sale. I love the boysenberry color and didn't want to miss out. I purchased it in the size 2 and it's a fitted look which I think I do prefer. The 4 would have also fit and would have been better for layering. I'll have a review up with photos soon.

Hopefully in August when I attempt another ban I'll be more successful! Now that my ban is officially lifted the first thing I bought was the lacescape Spanish rose Hooded Define Jacket. I've been eyeing it forever and saw that it landed on WMTM and pulled the trigger. I am super excited to get it! Overall I could have done better on my ban but I can't say I regret any of the purchases! 

Speaking of finale sale, here are some more WMTM picks. 

One last thing before I go, I'm also eyeing this cute little bag. The designer is a small company in Paris called Polene. The bags they make are very high quality and affordable. This bag comes in a bunch of different colors but I'm eying this rust colored version.

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a fab Monday!


  1. You really are a charm lady lol! The Dumbo one is too cute!

    I thought of getting the Glyde Scuba Hoodie but It looks kind of short. Can’t wait to read your fit review!

    1. Yes I am a sucker for cute bag charms! I love Dumbo, can't wait to see the movie later this month.

      The Glyde Scuba is definitely short. It hits me almost at my waist. I'll have pics up for Friday's post!


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