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Upload! February 5th 2019

Since I'm on a ban for this month, I started my wish list (which means adding items to my cart). Hopefully some of the items I want will still be there in March. It's a short month at least! Only 23 more days to go. 😂 The Find Your Calm Wrap in Dark Olive intrigues me. I also really like the azurite poppy print. I really want to try the Still Mind Crop because it's made of nulux and the Wunder Under Crop Roll Down in the scallop version is also on my list. I'm hoping the next time I go to the store there will be some items for me to try on. 

For those who commented on my last post about KonMarie-ing my closet (which I will be doing tomorrow, wish me luck) thank you! I will try and document as I go and write a post about my experience. It will be everything in my closet, so I think it will take me all day. Happy Birthday to me? 😆

For those of you not on a ban, did you order anything? If you are on a ban with me what's on your wish list so far?

(cute bra!)

(I need to try one of these since I like the tanks so much.)

(also very pretty! I love light pinks like this, closest thing I'll get to white.)

(This has potential but I think it looks a little busy.)

(I actually really like this print.)

(Too bad these are still too long on me, cuz I would buy this one!) 

(I'm definitely curious about these since they are made of Nulu. These are in my cart, even though I won't be checking out.)

(Also curious about these since they are roll down!)

(The reviews on these gloves are very mixed. Some love them, while others say they're horrible.)


  1. Interested in the Find Your Calm Wrap but none of the colors offered. Hoping for a nice grey or purple in this style.

    Also interested in the Still Mind Crop in Interlink Ice Grey but dislike the black stitchings along the seams. Wishing they used tone on tone grey stitchings.

    Good luck with KonMarie-ing your closet and let us know how it turned out!

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and all the best in the Year of the Pig!

    1. I agree, the Find Your Calm wrap is pretty but the only color I might be interested in is the green, but according to my closet, green isn't my color at all. LOL! The black seams are definitely off putting on the crops. But I would still like to do a fit review of it.

      I managed to go through my closet yesterday! I'll write a post about my experience!

      Happy New Year to you as well! Here's to a great year of the Pig!


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