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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Heat Gen Flannel, Nirvana Wrap, Finale Wool Cashmere Wrap

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe it's March! I survived my Frugal February, although I did end up purchasing the Scuba Glyde Hoodie on final sale. I'll have a review of that shortly. Last weekend I finally got a break from all the rain and took some photos of my Athleta order that was placed back in January! 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically wear a size 2 or 4 in Lululemon tops, this translates to a PXS or XXS in Athleta. 

on sale! $53.99

For the chilly fall and winter months I do enjoy a soft flannel button up and the Heat Gen Flannel fits the bill. It's a relaxed fit that skims easily over the body when buttoned up. I'm wearing a size PXS and the sleeves are just right. 

This definitely is long enough to cover the bum. I think these would look great paired with black leggings or blue jeans. Perfect for a casual weekend wear. My husband actually really loves this on me! It's a different look than I normally would go for but I am loving the plaid. 

Next up I have been eyeing this wool cashmere wrap for ages. The color is a dark eggplant purple. I couldn't get the lighting to work and the color appears almost black in these photos, but it's definitely more purple in real life. 

on sale $134.99

When I placed my order the XXS was out of stock. It's currently back in stock on the website which I think would have been the correct size for me. I'm wearing the XS in these photos and it is indeed a little big. The length is just a tad too long in the back. The arms are also loose and long. 

Too long in length

The fabric is very soft to touch but I did find it to be slightly itchy. I also was not 100% in love with the bat like sleeves. I did love the ribbed detailing throughout which made it look and feel luxurious. I reluctantly returned this piece. 

Lastly I ordered the Nirvana Wrap in black. I tried it on at the store a few months ago but in the soft lilac color. I decided that a black wrap is something I would reach for more often. This wrap comes in petite sizes but I didn't think it was necessary. The size XS fit just fine. I would say this piece runs small and if you prefer a more oversized look, size up. 

on sale! $39.99

The wrap has a very nice drape and is much longer in the front than it is in the back. It does not cover the bum. The fabric is made of a soft modal fiber. It feels silky and cool to touch. This fabric does tend to pill though. 

I think the hood is a nice touch on this wrap. One thing it lacks are pockets. Other than that I really do love this piece. The sale price is fantastic and I wish it was offered in another color I liked. 

 If you're new to Athleta, you can also use my referral link to receive 20% off your first full price item. That's it for me! Hopefully I'll manage to take some more photos this weekend and I will be placing a decent Lululemon order. I've been eyeing ten pieces or so. It might be a big one!



  1. Love the Finale Wool Cashmere Wrap on you and the purple color is gorgeous (okay I’m a sucker for purples)! Definitely too long on the back and maybe you should consider repurchasing it in size XXS?

    I also like how the Nirvana Wrap looks in the front but the back is too short for my liking. I want my wraps to cover my bum! :)

    1. I will think about trying the XXS for the cashmere wrap. I'll keep an eye on it! Depends if I end up keeping a bunch of new Lulu or not...


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