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WMTM Update!

In case you missed it and have some money to spend, I would say the best purchase you could make is the Pack It Down Jacket. It's been my go to whenever it's freezing in Atlanta. I'm kinda tempted by the Sit In Lotus Sweater for $69 too. I love that cocoa color.

I'm trying to be good, even though I do have gift cards from Christmas! Did you pick anything up from the sale?

This didn't work out for me, but you can read my review here.

(I purchased this to try on, haven't written up a review yet, but I ultimately returned it because of the zipper. Other than that, it was a nice hoodie. For the sale price it's not bad.)

(If you've been waiting for a true red, this is it)

(Kind of tempted to try these, but know I would have to get them hemmed.)

(Just looks so soft and cozy)


  1. The Apres Your Way jogger pants do look super comfortable! I definitely don’t need any more jogger pants at the moment but if I did...

    1. Same! I have one that still has tags on it! LOL

  2. I can't wait to see your review on the Coast Hoodie! I think that jacket is very cool with the asymmetric zipper, but I'm wondering about the length of those sleeves...could be super long.

    1. The sleeves are super long! I'll probably have that review up for this Friday!


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