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Upload! January 8th 2019

Pretty underwhelming upload. Nothing for me this week. I really like the sunrise silhouette print and I don't have anything similar to that in my closet, but none of the items offered work for me except for the FTBW bra, but the print doesn't work as well on a small piece. It definitely needs to be a pair of tights or Speed Shorts, maybe? Anything for you?

(I really like this print on tights, but on the bra, it's kind of underwhelming.) 

(I like the look of this jacket but hate the zipper.)

(Definitely a very pretty print, great for winter and spring.)

(Potentially get three seasons out of this print. Winter, spring, and summer.)


  1. I like the sunrise silhouette print too, very pretty and versatile for all seasons but I don’t like it enough to invest in anything with it.

    I’m with you though, nothing catches my eye in this upload.

  2. I like the Sumimgashi Ice Grey pattern but the Lululemon Lab pieces are so expensive! Nothing else interests me.

    1. I'm not interested in any of the Lululemon Lab pieces either. It should have it's own section imo.

  3. I’m liking that sunrise silhouette print but I’m not sure I’d buy anything in it full price since I don’t reach for prints as much as solids.


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