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Store Try Ons! Define Jacket, Sundown Wrap, Speed Up Short, Scuba Hoodie

Define Jacket Flocked Size 4

Happy Friday and Happy February! I managed to hit the stores to see what was new and found a flocked Define Jacket to try on. It's currently sold out, but if you are interested in finding one on ebay or Poshmark I would advise to size up. I'm wearing my normal size 4 and because of the velvet detailing throughout the jacket there is absolutely zero stretch in this. When I zipped up the jacket, I literally felt like a stuffed sausage. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

The lighting is poor in these photos and the colors are not quite represented correctly. This is a deep burgundy color, not washed out like the below photo. This jacket is actually quite stiff and not very soft. 

I found it for $64 at the store. I had to pass even at that price. Next up is the Sundown Wrap. The store didn't have a size 2 for me to try on to compare, however since this style is a relaxed fit I figured the size 4 could still work.

Sundown Wrap Heathered Spanish Oak Size 4

When I first saw this on the website I thought to myself, super pretty but why is it $148?! After seeing it in person, I still feel this way, but it is SUPER soft to touch as it is made of Cashlu. I do love that it is machine washable as I hate dry cleaning. The heathered spanish oak color is very pretty. The photos here do not do this wrap any justice at all. I will say that I did buy this, but only because I had a gift card. If I had to pay full price I don't think I could pull the trigger. But if it does hit WMTM I think it would be worth it at the sale price. 

The length hits me about mid thigh. I didn't feel like it was too long on my petite frame. The hood is oversized but I do like how the hood flows into an oversized collar. This wrap is lightweight but warm. It makes a nice layering piece. 

What I really love is the rib detailing on the back of the sweater. Wasn't able to capture it in the fitting room but I will take better photos of this over the weekend to show how pretty this wrap is. The color is just so pretty. I can't seem to pass up a pretty mauve/pink! In the fitting room, this wrap made me happy and that is why it came home with me. I'll see if it still makes me feel this way when I take better photos over the weekend.

Here is another Define Jacket. The jacquard is very pretty and I'm always attracted to Define Jackets even though don't wear these as often. For those of you who love Define Jackets, this one would make a nice addition. The fit is true to size on this one. I didn't feel like a stuffed sausage and could actually breathe! I passed on this one though. I'm down to three Define Jackets and it's enough for me. 

Next up I tried on the Scuba Hoodie in light cotton fleece. In the past whenever I tried on a Scuba Hoodie that had a print or a pattern they always felt too tight in the back and across the shoulders in the armpit area. It's been a while since I tried on a non solid Scuba Hoodie so I wanted to see if that was still true. I'm wearing a size 4 (normally I take a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies) and it was comfortable. It didn't feel tight and it also didn't look too big on me either.

I'm not crazy about this print, but this one felt extra soft and cozy. I did notice that the hem on the waistband was completely stretched out. Not sure if it's because of everyone trying it on or if that's something new. This Scuba Hoodie is currently on WMTM and marked down to $79. It's a good price if you like this print. It's a little too busy for me though!

Stretches out to white underneath but not as noticeable in this print.

I'm a sucker for Speed Up Shorts since I love them more than the original version. I just find them to be more flattering if you have short legs and the sunrise silhouette print is way better in person than the stock photo shows. Stock photo makes this print look very washed out. In person it's very pretty and more saturated.

Speed Up Short Sunrise Silhouette Size 4

These fit true to size and if you like this print I would definitely recommend going to the store to pick out one you like the best. I had three to choose from. The other two I left behind had either the front with more white or the back with more white. 

Since the fitting room photos aren't the best I will take some better photos of the Speed Up Short as well. That's it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you're currently experience the polar vortex, my condolences. All of my friends and family in the northeast are complaining and all I can say is, move further south! 😂 

Stay warm and safe! 



  1. The define ESJBRR (to many words to print out) lol- looked so good on you! Maybe you need just one more define ��. Loved the speed up shorts too. Always look forward to your try ons. Nice of you to represent us petite ladies :)

    1. Thanks Sherry! Maybe if I see the Define on WMTM I'll get one. =) I'm always happy to help another fellow petite friend!

  2. That wrap is super pretty. Maybe if it goes to WMTM!
    I like the print on the shorts, but wished they were offered in the long version - the regular speed up shorts are too short for me... Thanks for the reviews!

    1. You're welcome! I wonder how Lululemon decides which prints go to which items.

  3. Love the Sundown Wrap on you! The color is super pretty!!! Are you thinking of ordering a size 2 online to see which size fits better? The sleeves look a bit long for the size 4, and size 2 might fit you better overall. Just my thoughts though.

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Define Jacket for ages but size 2 is too tight and size 4 a bit too big. Also worried that the material is prone to pilling. The second one you tried on looks really nice on you. Definitely consider getting it if you receive another gift card! :)

    1. Hmmm I think I'll wait for the weekend and see how I like the 4 when I take better photos. If I find no real fault in the size 4 I'll probably stick with it. Sometimes you never know if the sleeves will be too tight in the smaller size. The stores hardly ever carry a size 2 anymore.

      The solid Define Jackets are the most prone to pilling. At least they are the ones that show the most pilling. If you go with a print or pattern or some kind of texture like the jaquard versions it's not noticeable. I would definitely try on a few different versions, depending on the fabric, some of them definitely feel tighter than others. =)

    2. Tried on the the Sundown Wrap in size 2 today and while I like it, I don’t love it enough to pay CAD158 plus 13% tax for a wrap. :).

      The Rulu Rally Wrap is light weight like the Coast Easy Wrap. Lots of puckering because of the thin material and I didn’t even bother to try it on.

      Love the Long for it Jacket but our store only has the grey space-dyed color in stock. While I’m a grey person, I don’t like the black piping along the shoulder all the way down to the wrist which makes the jacket kind of sporty. I already have a Spacer long Jacket in black color so I don’t bother to order the black one.

    3. I did manage to try the size 2 over the weekend and I was right, the back was too narrow for me and the arms a little too tight. The size 4 was the right one for me. I agree, it's not worth full price. If it hits WMTM I would definitely recommend it.

      I didn't see the Rally Wrap but good to know that it's thin. Easy pass then!

      That's too bad about the jacket. I'm sure there will be something else that will work for you!

    4. Glad you got the right size! Enjoy! :)

  4. The sunrise wrap color and fit are gorgeous! I love LLL pieces that work for multiple outfits and occasions and I think this is one of them. (: Thanks for all your reviews!

    The flocked Define seems to be like the pants I bought. I found the pants stretched out a tiny bit after wearing to the gym and don't feel too tight like they first did out of the package.

    1. You're welcome! The wrap was definitely a surprise purchase. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do.

      Good to know the flocked items stretch out after a bit. I hope to see more flocked items!

  5. More pictures of the wrap please!!!


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