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Store Try Ons! Athleta Nirvana Wrap & Lucca Ombre Wrap

I managed to get to the store for some quick try ons at Athleta. They're having a sale right now and I have reward money to use there. I've been eyeing the Nirvana Wrap for a while. It gets great reviews and is beyond soft. I tried on the XS in a soft lilac. It's on sale for $69.

Nirvana Wrap Size XS

This wrap comes in petite as well, but Athleta does not carry petites in the stores. I really wish they would though! I think the XS fits fine, I could have probably fit the XXS as well. I think both sizes would have worked. One thing that I really wish this wrap had was pockets! It's great for lounging around or worn during the summer months.

Next up I grabbed the Lucca Ombre Wrap off the racks to try on. It's a super fun oversized sweater. It's on sale right now for half off. I actually think this would be great for the office. 

The sleeves really poof out, but I think it works. Yet again there are no pockets. I think if it did have pockets I would have walked out with this. The wool/cashmere was pretty soft, but if you're super sensitive and only wore short sleeves underneath it can feel ever so slightly itchy. If you wore a long sleeve shirt underneath this, it would be fine. 

Really love the ombre effect. It definitely looks and feels luxurious.

One thing worth noting, this wrap is hand wash only! I would still throw it in the washing machine if I bought it and use the gentle cycle and pray it works. I walked out of the store with nothing. I will wait for something perfect. (Something with pockets!)

I know you guys love my Edward Scissorhands Shirt! 😂

 If you're new to Athleta, you can also use my referral link to receive 20% off your first full price item. That's it for me! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm still trying to be good! 



  1. The Lucca Ombré Wrap looks really nice but the sleeves are a tad too long on you. They also poof out too much and look comical to me. The ombré effect is pretty and the fact that the wrap doesn’t come with pockets give it a clean look. A very nice wrap indeed!

    I personally feel that size XS fits you well in the Nirvana Wrap. The front would be too short for size XXS. This wrap will make a nice light cover for warmer days.

    I really wish we had Athlete in Canada! :(

    1. Aw I always think of you when I blog about Athleta! I can't believe they haven't ventured over there. So sad. Do they ship to Canada at all?

    2. They probably ship to Canada but then I’ve never tried on Althleta before and not sure about the sizing. Just hate having to return items if they don’t fit.

      I love wraps and Althleta has some really nice ones! The best thing is, prices are way more reasonable then Lululemon’s! I was at my local Lululemon store today and was tempted to get the Coast Easy Wrap. However, it was still expensive at $99 considering the thinner than expected material so I left the store without buying anything. I did get an All Day Duffel in Mineral Blue online at WMTM though. Not that I needed another duffel bag, but then the price was okay and the color was gorgeous. I was bad. :)

    3. Athleta has free ship and free returns here in the US. Wonder if they offer it to Canada as well? I'm always shipping items back to them instead of going to the store. I usually don't have the time to go in person.

      Yes good on passing up the Coast Easy Wrap. I saw it at the store but didn't bother trying it on, it looked really big. Too much material I think will overwhelm petite frames.

      I still have yet to pull the trigger on a bag... Maybe someday!

    4. I somehow feel quality is better for Lululemon bags than clothes lol.


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