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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Cozier Primaloft Hoodie

Happy Friday everyone! I have a short and sweet review for you today. Athleta's Cozier Primaloft Hoodie is exactly as the name describes. Cozy warm and very comfortable. This was a purchase I made back in December when all the sale items were an extra 20% off. I think it is totally worth the sale price. Right now it's still on sale for $81.99 and if you get an extra 20% off coupon I believe it comes out to $65. Total score!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 2 in Lululemon semi fit tops, a size 4 in Define Jackets. Here I'm wearing size XXS.


I originally thought I wanted the light gray heather/white version, but realistically I knew I wouldn't want to reach for it as often as the black/navy version. I'm a super klutz. It would not last. Turns out, I really love the navy/black combo. It goes with pretty much everything in my closet. You can wear this with leggings or jeans. 

 I tried this on at the store in white a long time ago and the XXS fit amazingly well. The sleeves are not long at all. I think this is the perfect length for me when I use the thumbholes. There's definitely enough room to layer on cold days. It's insulated with Primaloft, which is lightweight, packable, soft, and also made of 80% recyclable materials which I think is really cool. The outside fabric is also made of 100% recycled Poly. I'm all about trying to be green and doing my best to recycle as much as possible.

I haven't really used the hood just yet, but it is comfortable and has a drawstring to pull it tighter.  The jacket hits at my hip, which means it does not cover the bum fully. I'm okay with that. I've worn this a bunch of times and highly recommend it at the sale price!

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. I'm waiting on a couple of orders to come in, hopefully they get to me soon. More reviews to come. Thanks for reading my blog! As always if there's anything you would like to see a review of, let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

Plus if you would like 20% off a full price item, feel free to use my referral link



  1. The fit is perfect! I love Primaloft cos it’s light and partly made with recyclable materials. However, I find it only good enough for -10*c and above. I’ll still reach for my down jacket if it’s under -10*c.

    Not a navy person, but the black and navy go very well in this jacket. Great buy! :)

    1. Yes, this is only good for 50 degrees or so here. But you can layer so it may still be okay in freezing temperature. But anything below freezing I def need my down jacket for that. I am somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to jackets! I have too many...

  2. Hi! Does your athleta referral link still work?

    1. Here you go! Right now Athleta hs 20% off sales but only for today...


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