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Christmas Upload! 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! Have you all are spending time with your loved ones and fur babies! Sometime late last night Lululemon decided to post their upload. I guess they're counting on people receiving gift cards and wanting to spend them Christmas morning! There's also a pretty big WMTM upload, which I'll be covering in a separate post.

I wish I had long legs so I could pull of these cool stripe tights, but I guess better off for my wallet? What do you think of the Christmas upload? Nothing for me from this upload.

(That is some name)

(don't like this at all.)

 (these are pretty interesting too, I dig the B&W)

(These look awesome, but yet again, short legs.)

(These are cool in that 70s way, if these were crop length I might try them)


  1. Merry Christmas! :) I love that new free to be wild purple quartz colorway! And I especially love the Take a Hint tight in the red! Wooow I really love it!

    1. It is super eye catching for sure. If I had long legs, I would be super broke!


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