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Upload! November 29th 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I know I normally do Fit Review Fridays but with the holiday double uploads every week I will be moving the reviews to Monday. I am loving these new colors for the Radiant Jacket. If they would fix the shallow pocket issue I think I would own 2 or 3 of them! 

This upload is huge. Much bigger than Tuesday. I am interested in a couple of items but fear they won't be very petite friendly. Anything for you? 

(I think this cool cocoa color is very pretty)

(I love this color!)

(What do you guys think of this wrap? I like it when worn this way. Debating if I want to order it to try.)

(I wish it didn't have the pink laces, it just doesn't work with the red imo.)

(This just looks so cozy right now! I wish it would fit me.)

(I like how these look, very cool.)

(More colors! The smoky blush is pretty)

(Weird looking bag shape)

(much better)

So I just checked Ivivva and I definitely want to place an order for some bottoms! 

(Maybe this is my answer to the Warm Down Jogger Heathered Core Ultra Light Gray

(Although I really like this color a lot too... decisions!)

(I am VERY tempted to try these)

(These too, I've never owned a pair of tights in coco pique!)

(I'm also liking how these look but it's Luon.)

(This is cute too! May work for us petite gals without looking too much like a child)

That's it for me! Is it crazy that I'm more excited about Ivivva than Lulu tonight?! 😆
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 


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  2. So many nice items but haven’t made up my mind yet.

    I love my Radiant Jackets. Had one from years ago and bought two more last year. Since I don’t put my phone inside jacket pockets, the shallow pockets don’t bother me. Both the Spanish Rose and Purple Quartz are pretty but guess I’ll just reach for my grey/charcoal/Heathered white ones.:)

    I love the Sit in Lotus wrap worn this way! But then the price is steep and I’m hesitating ...

    The So Sherpa Hooded Jacket is interesting but hand wash only? ...

    More nice colors coming out in Vinyasa scarf but do I need anymore? ... Would’ve consideredselling some of mine if our postal charges are more reasonable!

    Decisions decisions decisions!

    1. That's weird the Sherpa is hand wash only... who is going to hand wash a jacket? Boo.

      I have about 12 items sitting in my cart right now. =T

  3. I'm curious what size you would order in Ivviva? so far we wear the same pants size in each brand but i've never tried the girls side but Rulu pants have me interested.

    1. For Ivivva joggers I take a 12. But I think for the tights I may need to go up to a 14. I have 34 inch hips. I not tried them yet but that's my guess.

    2. Thanks - I ordered the 14 in both coco and herringbone to try.

    3. I ordered them as well! Let me know if it works for you.

    4. Hi - Just a quick update on the pants. I received/returned them yesterday/today. Sizewise I think a 12 would have been better. I measured the 14 up against my herringbone wunder unders and the Ivviva thighs were an inch wider (so 2" wider in total) - the rise was the same - although the band looks short the rise is higher so it hit at the same place. The length was long and over my foot. Since they didn't have much compression the look was sort of "meh". I might try a 12 for kicks but for now I'm relishing my new werkshops.

    5. Oh and waist was the same too. Just the legs were bigger.

    6. I received my order yesterday. Finally! The herringbone tights I felt ran bigger than the coco pique ones. I am keeping the coco pique. They actually fit nicely on me! There isn't as much compression but I find it comfy and will wear them as casual/lounge. I might reorder the herringbone in the 12 to try. I love my Werkshop order too! What did you get?

    7. I got the Angler, Seahorse and ClownFish. My Clownfish ones were part of their "blind bag" and I was excited that I got such a cute one. I didn't even realize til later that it was an all fish order. I also ended up ordering the Tiki Time - all in crops as I find I get more use of them.

    8. Niiiice! I have the Angler in full length. They are one of my favorites. That is so funny that they're all the same theme.


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