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Upload! November 13th 2018

Pretty big upload tonight, but nothing that interests me. What about you? I'm waiting for Black Friday sales coming up so I'm trying my hardest to be good until then! Let me know if you ordered anything lately! I have a review coming up on Friday that I'm very excited about!

(This is a bright color for winter. Good if you're out running at night though)

(Definitely very interesting. But I'm pretty sure I'm done with Define Jackets though! Famous last words...)

(I definitely prefer the gray over the green camo)

(I am loving this petrol blue color)

(Not really a fan of paisley...)

(I like that the collar is removable)

(Is that really an open pocket without a zipper? I would never keep my phone in there!)

(This dress isn't very flattering)


  1. The Define Jacket in Washed Petrol Blue is very interesting and I wanna check it out in the store. I have a slim boyish figure and Define Jacket isn’t too flattering on my body shape. Size 2 is a tad tight and 4 is a tad loose. Hopefully this one works for me.

    Why is the Winter Warrior Parka so expensive? It’s made with 600-fill power goose down only! “It’ll keep you warm and dry ... below zero degrees (Celsius, of course)”? Zero degrees Celsius? It’s mid November and feeling like -10*c here in toronto! To be honest the parka doesn’t even look nice to me!

    My wallet is safe again this week. :)

    1. If you do get to try the washed petrol Define on let me know how it is!
      I don't know but I'm definitely not paying $600 for a jacket that looks like a bunch of patched up fabric put together. They do not look flattering at all. I think this winter may be a very bad one. It's even cold here in Atlanta! It's in the 30s at night. =T

    2. I will definitely let you know how the Define Jacket fits and feels if it’s available at my local lululemon store!

      Yes the Winter Warrior Parka doesn’t look flattering at all, and look at those pockets lol!

    3. I absolutely agree that the "warm" jackets are not even close to what most Canadians need. I need something to handle -30C or below. Last year, there was a month where the daily highs never even hit -12C.

      I really love that pink vest, but I certainly don't need to spend that much on *another* vest. Even if the dark side of my shopping brain says I can wear it under the Cross Chill Jacket for outdoor runs.

    4. I don't blame you at all, that pink is really pretty. Maybe try and catch it on WMTM?

    5. That's my plan :D I got the white down vest last year on mark-down and I love it.

      I have my fingers crossed for ugly items and no good mark-downs until after holiday shopping is over, and I can spoil myself a little ;) :)


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