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Guest Review! Calm & Cozy Jacket

Today we have a special review from one of my readers. Thank you so much Andrea for sending me these photos and a very detailed review on the Calm & Cozy Jacket.


"My Lululemon order just came in and I would like to let you know how the Calm and Cozy Jacket fits.

The Heathered Quartz color is pretty and I prefer it over Heathered White (I normally don't wear "colors").

For your information, I'm 105 lbs at 5'3". I got the jacket in size 2 and while it fits like a glove elsewhere, I find the neck too tight and uncomfortable while fully zipped.  Mind you I have very lean neck!

I wish the jacket was a tad longer in the body. I do like longer jackets like the Radiant Jacket.  Sleeve length is good in my opinion. The jacket is not as stiff as I thought even with all the horizontal stitchings in the front.

The deal breaker is workmanship. Some people might not mind but it is obvious that the center of the logo doesn't match when zipped.  

I think I much prefer my Radiant Jackets and will be returning the jacket in both colors.  It's a nice jacket though, and I'm sure it will appeal to a lot of people."


And there you have it. I'm kind of surprised at the poor workmanship. The deal breaker for me would be the high neck as well. Thanks again Andrea for sending the photos and review over to me. I appreciate it and I'm sure others do too. I'm currently traveling and in New York for the holiday. Will be returning home to Atlanta tomorrow. I miss my husband and all my kitties! They stayed behind. See you all soon! Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday tomorrow! 


  1. I tried on a Stop over Jacket in a store and it had a similar poor alignment at the zipper when zipped. It was super noticeable for me. This was the mauve jacket. The black one (that I purchased) didn't have the same issue.

    1. It’s not the first time I received an item with misaligned logo, and seam puckering is another common quality issue with Lululemon. It’s okay for tightly fitted tops or leggings cos the seam will be straightened out when worn, but for loosely fitted items the puckered seam will be very obvious.

      I know some people don’t mind poor workmanship (they probably don’t notice), but for Lululemon”s premium pricing I’m definitely expecting better quality.

  2. I haven't noticed the misalignment in any of my purchases so far. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it now. But yes for the pricing it better be matched up correctly!

  3. Love the guest post, so fun!

  4. I had an older version of the Calm and Cozy jacket in heathered iris purple, it was a bit too stiff and short in length for my liking. The color was beautiful but not enough for me to keep it.


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