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Upload! October 9th 2018 Principal Dancer Collection

Tonight's upload mainly features the limited edition collaboration with Principal dancer Francesca Haywood. I'm not a fan of this collection since dancing really isn't my thing or style. Better off for my wallet though! However I am very interested in the Align joggers. I may place an order for a pair of those in the navy. Anything catch your eye? Order anything? Would love to know!

(I like the back but the front has these huge giant drawstring ties what's up with that?)

(This bag is so big I think I can literally fit inside it!)

(Remember when I said I was finally over Scuba Hoodies? Well I saw this in person last weekend when I went out to the store but they didn't have this in my size to try on but this color is very pretty and soft to touch. I have it in my cart!)

(When I saw this pop up I thought, that's something I would be interested in, too bad it's still too long for me.)

(Then I saw the crop version and now I have this in my cart to try. It still may be too long but it's worth a review at least.)

(Since the Ivivva Joggers worked out so well, I browsed the website to see if there were any jackets I might be interested in. I can't decide between the 12 and 14 for jackets. The 12 might be too small in the chest, as I'm a 32-33 inch bust, but I'm pretty sure the 14 would be too long on me.)

(I'm also interested in this jacket because it's reversible and 700 down. This is also pretty pricey at $178. Hmmmm decisions!)


  1. I ordered the Align Jogger but it may be too long on my 5'1" frame. I will wait for your review of the Align crop and decide. Thank you for what you do!

    1. You're welcome! What color did you order in the Jogger?

    2. black to be safe - I know I am pretty boring :).

  2. The Prinicpal Dancer Hoodie is cute but why a giant drawstring?!!!

    Arctic Plum is sooooo pretty. I’m tempted to get it in the Scuba Hoodie too but I already have the same hoodie in Boysenberry and Black Currant. Decisions!

    I would love to read your try-on review on the jogger crop. I live in joggers during winter with snow boots!

    So tempted to get the Ivivva Knock Down the Cold Jacket but it’s sold out in Canada. Agree that it’s kind of pricey but it’s reversible. Do you know when Ivivva weekly new arrivals are uploaded by the way? I seem to miss out on everything I like every time lol.

    1. Seriously, that giant drawstring made me laugh. So ridiculous looking.

      I have a semi large order coming but I also ordered the Ivivva jackets with the Lululemon items and for some reason it takes longer.

      Ohhh joggers with snow boots, that's a cute look. Too bad I don't get snow here, otherwise I would do that too!

      Not sure when the Ivivva uploads happen. That's a good question. I'll just have to check on Tuesdays when I do the regular uploads.


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