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Upload! September 11 2018

I haven't placed a Lululemon order in over a month! My last order was at the end of July before my August ban. I think it's time to place another one? What do you guys want to see for a fit review? I'm taking requests!

Let me know if you ordered anything from this upload.

(I love this color, wish I liked pullovers)

(This looks comfy and surprised that it's *only* $58)

(I like this color too, but reminds me of Swiftlys)

(This shade of purple is lovely, hope to see more product in this color)

(If I still lived in the northeast, I would probably want this!)

(I actually kinda really love this color green, might have to order this!)

(These look cute and comfy but the reviews say the sizing is weird)

(I kinda want this too, the tonka stripe and color do it for me! But how many scarves is too many?)


  1. I bought the rest less half zip a few weeks back in the dark court purple and love the color. Perfect for fall!

  2. Wanting to get the extra mile jacket in dark chrome. The pic looks like a different color than the color choices. Why do they do this???!! Have you seen dark chrome?

    1. I've seen dark chrome on a different jacket. Looks nothing like the color online in the Extra Mile Jacket. That color looks like off beige to me. Kind of boring? The nocturnal teal looks much nicer imo.

    2. I’m hoping the color is ‘off’ in the pic. I just want to make sure it’s not a lavender color like the color choices. I want a more neutral color, so the nocturnal teal is out for me. Pretty color though. Guess I’ll have to see it irl.

  3. I really like the color of that pullover! It's a subdued color but it's not the boring black and grey! I def would like to try it on.
    The scarf and blush color shorts are also really cute. I got the Cut Back Crop Tank cause I like cropped tanks and the purple color is very fall. (:

    1. I'm very happy about the color palette lately. I've been wanting something green and purple for fall and it looks like my wish is coming true!

  4. So bummed that my order placed last Thursday (Pick a Your Path Jacket in two colors) is still being processed! Orders usually go out the following day so I’m sure there is something wrong. Sent an inquiry but got a answer saying that everything should be fine. Hopefully it’ll go out soon.

    Tried on the High Lines Pullover at a store a few days ago. Fitting is TTS and quite flattering. The collar feels softer than expected though (ribbed fabric) and doesn’t stay in place like in the pictures. Love the pleat in the back but I have too many tops in light grey and try to stay away from black which fades after a few washes. If the pullover comes out in heathered purple or nocturnal teal, I might consider getting it.

    Intereewted in the Cloudscape Jacket but it looks kind of bulky. Might look huge with my tiny frame. Will check it out in the store later.

    Also interested in the Extra Mile Jacket but not sure about the colors. Dark Chrome is pretty but will get dirty fast. Nocturnal Teal is nice too but I usually get jackets in black or greys (I know I’m kind of boring lol).

    Love that Vinyasa Scarf too but I have close to 20 Vinyasa scarves already .... Mmm, we can never have too many scarves I know! :)

    1. That is very unusual! I wonder what is taking so long. I've never had an order take more than a week to get to me.

      You should consider trying some color to your wardrobe. Teals go nicely with blacks and grays. Pinks too.

      Dang 20 scarves! I guess I can get some more hahahhaha. I only have I think 4. I tend to sell them after a few years of owning. I tend to wear newer ones until I get bored of them. My husband says he's always worried I'll get bored of him one day. =T

    2. I was reassured twice that my order was fine but just received an email saying that it was cancelled. Called Lululemon and was told that my size was sold out in both colors, even though it shows they are still available for ordering online, The GEC didn’t suggest me to order again cos my second order will probably get cancelled anyway. Oh well, it’s fine cos I’m happy with my Going Places Jackets which look similar in silhouette. Just thought the newer ones are $20 cheaper with cuter details which made me wanna check them out. I’m fine living without them.

      My brother bought me a hot pink short down jacket a few years ago thinking that it would bring some colors into my wardrobe, and that jacket has been sitting in my wardrobe since! :DDD

      Your husband is too funny! Mine just doesn’t understand why I need so many scarves, and mind you they are mostly in black and grey lol! Here in Canada postage is crazy, which kind of discourage me from reselling my gently used Lululemon items. Who would pay high shipping costs these days?

    3. Oh noooo, I was thinking it might be cancelled but didn't want to jinx it for you! Well that's good, money saved.

      Hot pink is a little too bright even for me! A mauve pink or dusty rose might be more your thing.

      I hear you, shipping costs keep going up. Because of that I only ship within the US.


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