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Athleta Store Try Ons! Cosmic Blazer, Brooklyn Ankle Pant, Mercer Herringbone Tight, Good Times Jogger

I finally got my butt to the mall for some store try ons. I haven't had one of these posts up in forever! Lululemon was my first stop and could you believe it, I didn't see anything I wanted to try on. They did have the Scuba Hoodie in heathered camo green that I was interested in but after seeing the color in real life, it was underwhelming and didn't look like anything special. Also saw the two new Vinyasa scarves I want in person and decided I'll wait to see if they end up on WMTM. The Sculpt Tank (I noticed Lulu changed the model on the website) and Huddle & Hustle Hoodie was not available at the store in smoky blush so I miiiight order that and see.

Finally after making some returns at J.Crew and BR I walked into Athleta and grabbed so much stuff off the racks to try on. Let's get to it! BTW, F&F is still going on, last day is tomorrow the 17th. If you're new to Athleta, you can also use my referral link to receive 20% off your first full price item.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size PXS in Athleta.

*Warning this is very image heavy!*

Athleta girls are the only joggers that really fit me. Being as petite and short as I am, sometimes you just have to suck it up and shop in the girls section. I personally don't mind as the prices are a lot less than the women's pricing! I tried on all three colors available in the Good Times Jogger

I'm almost always a size 12 or large in girls. The length is perfect, the waist fits and there's also a drawstring which is nice. There are two pockets on the side and two on the back. I personally don't think I'll ever use the pockets. These are great for lounging or errands on the weekends. I have a couple of pairs that I bought last year and I pretty much live in them. 

For some reason the heather gray pair was not as soft as the black and green. The fabric around the waistband felt a little scratchy on the heathered gray. After mulling it over a bit, I decided to go with the black over the green pair. Black just goes with everything! 

You guys seriously have to try a pair, they are suuuuuper soft.

Next up, the Mercer Herringbone Tight. One thing I want to mention is, Athleta does not offer petite sizing in their stores, which is the one thing that is kind of off putting about shopping in person. Why bother leaving the house, amiright? But since I was at the store, I did try on the Mercer Herringbone Tight just to see if it would be worth ordering the petite version online. 

Mercer Herringbone Tight Size XS Black 
(but looks more like gray to me)

As you can see the XS is actually a little too big on me in some areas. The PXS would be a better fit since the inseam is also shorter. The website says 25 inches, which would be perfect for me. After reading some reviews, apparently some people say these are great for the office. I'm not 100% sure I would be able to get away with these at the office, but maybe in the navy color since they look very close to black on my computer screen. The store did not carry the navy color. 

I like that there is a little slit which really makes it not legging like.

The fabric felt nice and soft to touch. It didn't seem too thick but would be perfect for fall weather. I'm definitely very interested and will place an order in my correct size. I'm not gonna lie, if I could get away with wearing these at the office, I will totally keep them.

Has a side pocket that fits your phone too!

The fabric of the Brooklyn Ankle Pant is what made me try these on. They're very light weight and Athleta calls it their Featherweight Stretch fabric. Unfortunately, I think even in petite sizing, the thigh and leg would still be too baggy for me.

I couldn't decide if I liked the side stripe down the leg. Part of me likes it because it would be leg lengthening, but the other side of me says it looks too sporty? This pant does have amazing reviews though. It almost has 5 star rating. It's definitely worth checking out.

Side stripe, yay or nay?

Ankle slit. Athleta seems to like slits a lot.

This new jacket caught my eye. It's called Cozier Insulated Hoodie. It comes in two colors, navy/black and heathered gray/white. The white version is actually really cute. It's semi fitted so there's plenty of room to layer up. The main body is more insulated and made of something they call Primaloft eco. Which is apparently recycled polyester/plastic. While that actually sounds weird, to have clothing made out of recycled plastic, but if you actually think about it, it's really kind of cool. After seeing all these animals like polar bears starving to death because of lack of food and other animals dying because of climate change and plastic waste. I can go on and on about all the awful things humans do that are resulting in animals not being able to survive. I just saw a great clip on Now This, where Harrison Ford is so angry at everything that's going on in this world. One quote really stood out to me. He said, "Nature doesn't need people, people need nature." It is so true. So next month I will buy this jacket to support clothing made out of recycled plastic. 

While this jacket comes in petite sizing as well, I didn't feel like the XXS was too big. The petite version is just 1.5 inches shorter than the regular version. Maybe I'll order both just to see which one I prefer. The back panel and sleeves are made of stretch knit.

Cinchable waist and hood!

It's super cute! 

Last but not least, the Cosmic Blazer. This new blazer replaces the Stellar Blazer which I love. This one is very similar. It's the same fabric as the Stellar blazer but the cut is more slimming. 

Cosmic Blazer Size 0

Unfortunately this does not come in petite sizing. I'm hoping that it will in the future. I'm wearing a size 0 and while the fit isn't bad, the sleeves and body are just too long. Pleeeeease release this in petite sizing! I would buy it in a heart beat. 

If you all can't tell by now, I will absolutely buy anything from Athleta that I can wear to work! That's it from me. Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! 



  1. Thanks for the review and I’m green with envy! I really wish Althleta comes to Canada!

    The Cosmic Blazer looks amazing on you and it is so slimming! I agree the sleeves are a bit too long but for me that’s not a deal breaker. You actually look very nice in black! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I do look pretty good in black, I think I can count on one hand how many pieces I have in black! haha.

      I wonder why Athleta won't go to Canada! That is so weird.

  2. I really like the look of that jogger! I bought from athleta once but I don’t like the fit and don’t know my size like I did LLL and I’ve since just stuck with LLL. I should really try their stuff! I’m short too :P

    1. Definitely give Athleta a try. I'm liking their stuff more and more. Lululemon is sort of falling out of favor with me lately!

  3. I want to say how much I love your blog! Have you tried the Athleta Girl school day jeans? They are the same as the women’s version, but with a shorter inseam. I got the size 12’s and adjust the waist in. I didn’t try 10, so I’m not sure if I could size down further, but the inseam on 12 is a reasonable 28. They fit like a 24p or 25p. I find the women’s version too big even in the smallest size.

    1. Have not yet tried the jeans. I was at the store yesterday and tried on a pair of 12 tights and could not get them over my hips. So it's really a hit or miss for me sometimes when it comes to girl sizing. I'm tempted to try a pair, but the women's version fits me really well, it is a tad too long but even a 28 inch length is too long for me!

  4. Also, I bought those Good Times joggers for my daughter and she lives in them!


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