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Upload! August 28th 2018

Another upload that doesn't interest me too much, which is GOOD because I'm still on a ban. I have a few days left and so far so good. I only slipped on those limited edition Hello Kitty Converses. However I have been itching for some fall items and J.Crew has some blazers I want to try for work. I'll have a blog post on those soon!

Anything for you?

(Love the front, but not the back)

(This is interesting but almost looks like you can't tell if the jacket is dirty)

(These look so comfy!)

(So pretty but also so light!)

(Love the color, but this outfit is weird)

(Has anyone ever tried these?)


  1. I have last year's swiftly arm warmers and find them very useful for long runs where the temperature is chilly to start but then warms up. I'm not sure if this year's added phone slot feature will be worth the added cost though. Not sure if the arm warmer would remain in place and since I often remove my arm warmers, would be cumbersome to deal with the phone at that time.

    1. Yes I agree. I think the phones wouldn't be stable enough if you're jogging and using your arms. I can just imagine the phone flying out of the pocket!


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