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Upload! 20Y Collection August 21st 2018

This weeks upload is a big one. I'm still on a ban, but I love looking and adding items to my cart. I won't be checking out though. I'm going to be good. 😇 Plus I already broke it once by ordering the Hello Kitty sneakers I wrote about last week. Did you order anything? What do you think of the 20Y collection?

(If I bought one thing from their 20Y collection, it would be this! Added to my cart)

(A bit plain to be honest)

(I admit these look really cool in black)

(I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kinda getting tired of all this pink!)

(I'm actually really digging this color, looks like a good neutral, added to my cart.)

(Added to my cart)

(This jacket is back but wish this came in better colors)

(This has so much potential, but those pockets are a deal breaker for me. It is so pretty though!)

(I kinda want this, but I don't know if it's going to be a size up from my regular Scuba size, Scuba prints always fit me weird, also just noticed they have a size 0! Added to my cart.)

(I really like how these look a lot. Loving this print, hope to see in other items)

(This is a very classic fall piece, great color. I hope to see more arctic plum)

(Definitely in my cart, even though I'm tired of pink, this one is too pretty)