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They're no Longer Kittens!!

Three musketeers!

My kittens are no longer my little nuggets, they're just about fully grown now. Simi is still the biggest at 10 months old. She's my little potato. 

Ash is so handsome. He's sleek and muscular just like a black panther. Who doesn't want a mini black panther as a pet? He is second biggest to Simi.

Flash remains the smallest of the three. He's also the smartest and the most affectionate. The other day I caught him jumping on the water fountain so he could reach the door knob. If we had the handicap door handles he would definitely open them. 

We purchased a food tree from Amzon to try and get Simi to slim down a bit instead of free feeding, but it hasn't worked at all. I think she's even thicker than before. She however does love the Vesper cat condo we bought. She basically claimed it all for herself. Ash and Flash barely use it. If you do plan on getting one of these cat condos, be wary of the string. It is fairly delicate and will break off. Kittens being kittens love to play with string and will most likely eat it. Which is exactly what happened. Luckily all three are fine and nothing bad happened, but no more string for them.

This is where you can find Sini every morning waiting for her breakfast.

The best purchase so far is still this window bed. All three of them take turns using it. Sometimes I'll find two of them sharing it. Once I even saw Flash and Simi sleeping on it and I was kind of worried it would break with that much weight, but so far it's held up.

Ash definitely has the funniest faces out of the three. He's so goofy and has a very particular meow. I have to record it one of these days.

Flash the troublemaker. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to another Monday.


  1. Beautiful pics of your beautiful kitties. Are you using a camera or your phone? Whatever, they are great pictures.

    1. Thank you! Yes I'm still using my camera phone. The portrait mode on my iPhoneX is pretty amazing! That's how I took most of those shots. They're frame worthy. I need to order some prints.

  2. I love them so much!! I let my kids have two dogs and I also love them but after this dog phase, I’m going right back to cats!!!

    1. I used to have two dogs and sometimes I do miss how affectionate they were. Cats only want to be affectionate on their terms, which is 5% of the time you see them. The other 95% of the time I'm trying to catch one! hahahahaha


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