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Review! Lululemon's City Street Cardigan & Banana Republic Logan Trouser

I know I'm not the only one who dreads Sunday nights. Just thinking about tomorrow makes me feel anxious. I haaaaate waking up early for work. The night before I try to at least think about what bag to switch to and that makes me feel a little better, but not by much. It also helps if I can come up with a nice outfit to wear on Monday. 

Every so often I'll see if I can spruce up my office outfits which is what today's post is about. For reference I'm 4 feet 11. 

Banana Republic Logan Trouser Fit Cropped Size 2 - more on this later.

This cardigan caught my eye because of how pretty heathered mystique is. I'm a sucker for lilacs and shades of purple in general. This piece is made of cashlu. It feels heavy and soft to touch. It's definitely a fall piece. I was surprised at how dense the weave is. For this piece I went with a size 2. I would say the fit is true to size but the sleeves are super long in length. 

Normally Lululemon is really great about sending over my items looking fresh, but for some reason this piece came to be very wrinkly. The back of this sweater is a hot mess. There's no other way to describe it. 

Length wise it hit above my knees. The arms did not feel tight but the sweater is shapeless. Overall, I thought this piece made me look matronly and wasn't a fan of the back so this is an easy return for me. It definitely looked much better on the model

Next up I'm also wearing Banana Republic's Logan Trouser fit Cropped Pant. These are wide leg pants that are back in style. I haven't worn wide leg pants since the 90s. 😂

on sale!

These come in three different lengths- short, regular, and long. I decided to go with the regular length because I wanted to wear them as pants! The regular length is 26 inches which is exactly my inseam. I went with the size 2 and the fit is generous. A lot of room in the leg and the waist is mid rise. I might have been able to get away with a size 0, but I like the way these look in the size 2 so I'm keeping these. I think they look pretty great with the Sam Edelman booties

I am so ready for fall! Once my ban is over, I'm hoping to buy some cute sweaters to update my closet a little bit. Currently I'm eyeing this cute casual sweater from Lucky Brand. I actually have never shopped there in my life, but I walked by the store and saw they had some cute outfits in the window. 



  1. I happened to drop by a lululemon store this morning and the beautiful Heathered Mystique color caught my attention right away. However, the City Street Cardigan is shapeless with minimal styling details. Material is too heavy and bulky for my liking and I didn’t even bother to try it on. I know it wouldn’t look good on my tiny frame. Too bad cos the color is gorgeous.

    The Logan Trouser Crop looks amazing on you. Perfect fit and length! My size is sold out so maybe next time!

    I was tempted to try on the new Groove Pant but don’t like the new seam details at all. I prefer the previous design which was simple and neat. Also not sure if I’d like another lululemon pant in Luon that pills!


    1. The seams are supposed to lengthen your legs but I can see how it would big you. And I agree, not a fan of Full on Luon anymore!


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