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My Fall Wish List! 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Fall is coming and I'm itching to buy some cute blazers from J.Crew. Right now they're having a huge 40% off sale with code BIGSALE. The code works on everything that's full priced. My ban is over after tomorrow and I'm super excited that these come in petite sizing!

(I'm not 100% sure camel works on Asian skin tone though)

(I love all things herringbone)

Coach's 2018 Fall preview is looking very bad for my bank account. Coach recently collaborated with Selena Gomez and artist Chelsea Champlain. Coach is using moths and skulls in their latest fall collection and it's right up my alley.  Here's what I'm lusting after:

(This is actually quite affordable at $295)

(I don't usually go after black bags, but this one really is striking)

(I have a problem, I am addicted to bag charms)

(This is very Alexander McQueen-esque)

(I found this in the men's section, but who cares? It's so awesome!)

Here's a random sweater coat I want to try from Lucky Brand. It looks oversized but in a cute cozy way.

Sephora is also having a Beauty Insider event and if you're VIB like me, the sale started today. I'm looking to replenish my daily moisturizer since I'm pretty close to running out. For 15% off use code YESVIB.

(This is going to be my third time buying this! I love it so much.)

(I think I want to try a new color, maybe Sand Glow or Rose Gold)

I was searching for a new travel backpack and came across this super pretty Caraa Studio Bag in blush! How cute is this bag? My only problem, actually there are two problems with this bag. One is the price. It's $495!!! Only the trim is leather. The second problem is, this bag is a final purchase because of the Vaqueta leather. Apparently it stains and darkens easily. Probably similar to Louis Vuitton bags; how the handles will patina over time. Would love to order this for a review, but considering it's a final sale, it's kind of risky. 

Lastly, if anyone has won the lotto and would like to buy me a Hermes Birkin bag here's my top 4 favorites.

That's all that's on my list. What are you really lusting after for fall? Anything? Would love to know what's on your list. Happy Fall Shopping and for those in the US, have a great long weekend! 


  1. Oooh oooh oooh love that snakeskin bag!!!

    1. You and me both! It's a serious work bag. The handles really sets it apart.

  2. Fall is my favorite season for new clothes and stuff! I'm not an internet shopper...I prefer checking out the stores live and in person.
    Absolutely love this blazer, which is reversible so kind of like two-for-one. Unfortunately the medium was too big and the small was too small. I was very sad to leave it at the store.
    These shoes were a good purchase.

    Not sure what else I'll find this fall.

    1. Ah I prefer online shopping. Have you tried the petite sizing for the blazer? That might work a petite medium?

      Fall is definitely my favorite season for clothes. Lately I haven't been into shoes as much as I used to. I prefer wearing a lot of sneakers and allbirds for outside of work. For work I wear my booties almost everyday.

  3. For the first time in a long time, I don’t even have a wishlist! I went through a LV purse phase for awhile and I’m glad that’s over. Oddly enough I carry my Gucci Soho wristlet now and that’s it. *Thankfully? I have a weird body so I have to try on everything so it helps to curb my online spending. I love some of your Hermes bag picks!!

    1. But isn't it nice that purses are one size fits everybody? I always love rocking a nice handbag. That's probably my #1 weakness. That and then cute jackets.

      Hermes is only if I ever win the lotto!

  4. Wow I love these picks! I've been trying to buy less but man I really like the blazers you listed.

    1. Thanks! I just posted a review on three of the blazers I picked out!


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