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Upload! July 24th 2018

I am back from my road trip! Apologies for not being able to update while I was away. My hubby didn't recommend bringing a laptop or even my iPad with us on the trip.

Tonight's upload is rather small. They did drop a few more fall items like this cute wrap in vintage mauve.

Nothing for me tonight! I do however, have a really good fit review Friday coming up for you guys! Stay tuned.

(or is this an old color?)

(Love the print, but it doesn't work on this tank)

(I'm still debating ordering the jacket, has anyone tried it on yet?)

(This is actually a very nice summer color)

(I like these but know I'll look dumpy in them!)

(I might be tempted if they released this in the 2.5" length) 

Our quick trip to Charlotte and Greenville was very short. We actually didn't have that much time to explore and do sight seeing. We are planning on going back soon, perhaps in the fall for a longer stay. Here are a couple of pics from our trip!

This looks a lot better if you enlarge it!

Storm clouds rolled in but it didn't rain.

It was actually very sunny and very hot which I wasn't prepared for at all. We still had a great time. I wasn't totally into either team, but everyone there seemed to be a Liverpool fan. They lost 3-1 to Borussia Dortmund though! 

Seeing these claws really makes me want to trim them!