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Upload! July 17th 2018

This was a pretty interesting upload. They are already offering down items for winter. Even though it's a sweltering 90+ in Atlanta, I still want this down jacket in mauve stone. I think it looks sooooo pretty. But why is it $200? Ouch. If anyone knows how it runs let me know. Can't decide if I should try a 2 or a 4. I also have the Sculpt Tank in my cart in rose blush.

Did you order anything? Or is everyone saving their money for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I just got my giant Athleta order and kinda love it all! I'll have reviews up next week.

(This is so pretty and I want it! Why is it so expensive!)

(I bet this dress is longer than I am tall!)

(still no dark purple, but I kinda want this too)

(this color sure is pretty!)

(wish these came in petite, they look sharp)

(I wouldn't mind a pair of these for weekend wear)

(this is interesting)


  1. I’m interested in the Pack It Down Jacket in Mauve Stone too, but am concerned about Lululemon’s down jacket quality. If you stroll down to the fifth picture, zoom in and you can see some white in a gap along the seam. Honestly I’ve been disappointed with Lululemon’s quality in the last three years or so, and wouldn’t pay CAD 198 plus 13% tax for this jacket. Mauve Stone is pretty though.

    I’m missing unique design details which made Lululemon stand out many years ago. I still love my Get Down Jacket which is very well made with pretty stitching details. Down jackets you see at Lululemon these days look like those at GAP or Roots. Nothing special at all.

    I love my On the Fly Pants and they are really cute when rolled up. They do stretch out a little bit so you might wanna go for size 2 if you think of giving it a try. Heathered Black and Space Dyed Nimbus fit slightly bigger than the solid color ones,

    I’m thinking of getting the Align Pant Incognito Camo Gray but not sure if it will attract lints. I have a white dog you know. :D


    1. I see it! Good eye. It's actually pretty evident on the black jacket too. The only one you can't really tell is the chrome and sage because they're so light. The design is super plain, and I probably wouldn't even want it if it wasn't for the color. I just love anything mauve.

      I bought Down for a Run jacket last year and I have a huge scratch down the front from holding Sherlock. It makes me sad whenever I see it but at the same time I don't know if that justifies me getting a new one already.

      Thanks for the tip for On the Fly Pants!

      The dark Aligns always attracts lint and dust for me. I usually have to put them in the wash after every wear!

  2. Does anyone know which colour of aligns are in the photo with free to be zen Eton blue bra?

    1. My best guess is Dazed under Align Crop 21"

    2. I believe it's Dazed too, as shown in WU.



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